Victor: Her Ruthless Crush

Ruthless Triad, Book #1

By Theodora Taylor

ISBN# 9798718823127

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Dawn’s parents moved the family to Tokyo.  Dawn was never sure what her dad did for a living, but she suspected it wasn’t on the up and up.  He was always hanging around powerful men in suits with lots of tattoos and weapons.

While living in Japan, Dawn’s brother, Byron, fell in love with a boy.  He’d always liked girls before, but there was something special about Jake.  Jake started being a bit more risky with their relationship and being more public with his affections.  Which led them to getting caught kissing.  Jake immediately turned on Byron and school has been a living hell for him since.  Jake comes from a powerful family and he can do whatever he wants.  The boys on the basketball team have been beating Bryon for Jake’s allegations.  And, worse Jake’s grandfather is Byron and Dawn’s dad’s boss.  Byron has sworn Dawn to secrecy. 

One day, their dad picks them up from school unexpectedly.  One of his boss’s associates wants a favor.  There is a Chinese teenager that needs to learn ASL (American Sign Language).  Dawn’s mom has a genetic disorder that caused her to lose her hearing, and Byron has the same ailment and will eventually lose his.  Needless to say sign language is commonly used in their house and Dawn’s dad wants her to meet with the boy. 

When Dawn arrives she finds that this boy is more of a man than a boy, despite them being the same age.  He doesn’t speak, but has his own sign language he uses (Chinese Sign Language).  He writes that his dad wants him to learn ASL so this will be a one-time thing.  However, by the time Dawn leaves, Victor decides that their time is just beginning.  Now she meets him every Thursday where they teach each other their respective sign languages.

The two grow closer over time and eventually start dating.  However, Victor doesn’t live an easy life.  He was groomed from birth to take over his family’s gang from his father when the time comes.  And, when Dawn sees something she shouldn’t everything could come crashing down.

I thought this book would be a fluff romance with a bit of a dark setting perhaps, involving criminals and gangs.  I never expected the absolute amazingness of this book.  It was so much more than I had expected and I was truly blown away.

It did take a bit of an adjustment to get used to them being in Japan and understanding the dynamic with the different gangs.  Especially when you consider Victor’s family’s gang, Red Diamond, is a Chinese gang and that they usually reside in China.

I really liked Victor.  He was pretty levelheaded for someone that was raised in the way that he was.  Especially considering that his muteness was due to the harsh reality of that life.  He did some really sweet things for Byron and Dawn.  Things his triad definitely didn’t understand.  I found the romance to be tentative, sweet, and innocent.  At least until life interfered. 

The thing I couldn’t get past was Dawn’s father.  No matter what your job, I can’t imagine why he was so willing to put his daughter in such danger for his own benefit.  He put her in the crosshairs of a dangerous gang!  Who does that?  And, did he really think she’d be safe when it was all said and done?  That they’d forget?  These are the kinds of guys that invented torture and revenge.

Once this story got going, I didn’t want to put it down.  It left off on a nasty cliffhanger and I can’t wait to delve into the next installment of the series, Victor: Her Ruthless Owner, despite having many other books I need to read right now.  They will just have to wait because I have to get back to this story!