Vampire Diaries: Chapter 7
Written by Rose
Edited by Krystal

As Stefan and Elena leave the Ramsey House, Elena comments on Damon’s appearance in public. She was surprised to see him around ordinary people, every time before it was a deserted place; like the gym or the graveyard. Elena immediately realizes her mistake, for she had never told Stefan about search for Damon three days prior. Quickly covering her tracks, she says she was referring to when Bonnie, Meredith and she were chased through the graveyard. After seeing Stefan tonight, Elena knew she could never tell him about Damon’s action; if she did it would only lead to Stefan’s death. With this sickening knowledge, Elena recalled when Katherine tired to keep the two brother’s from fighting and the only thing that came of it was a death match. She would never let Stefan know, never.

Memorable Quotes

Stefan: “You’ve stolen my soul,” he said. (Page 348)

Meredith: “He’s probably an Aquarius, too,” said Meredith. “Come on, Elena, before I kill her to shut her up about Alaric.” (Page 351)

Bonnie: “That guy was the killer? The guy that kissed me?” (Page 354)

Questions for consideration:

What do you think of all these elements that are important to the druids, first the oak trees and now vervain?

Stefan said that vampires are supposed to have no soul and therefore couldn’t be seen in mirrors, but then Elena saw him in the mirror. Do you think that what Stefan said was true and he is somehow an exception, or do you think he was proving that it is false? If true, why do you think Elena could see Stefan?

What do you think happened to Vickie that made her start to strip in the middle of the cafeteria? Do you think Damon has some control over her? If so, what do you think his intentions are?

Did someone or something take you by surprise this chapter?

Vampire Diaries: Chapter 8
Written by Rose
Edited by Krystal

Back at Elena’s house, the girls discuss Vickie’s strange behavior in the cafeteria and point out she looked exactly the same as the night of homecoming, minus the scratches. Finishing their food, the girls head up to Elena’s room where she shows them the first note. Meredith points out the handwriting looks male, yet the paper screams female. As Bonnie jokingly talks about how romantic a killer can be, Elena saw a black crow outside the open window. Slamming the window shut, Elena scolding Bonnie for her absentminded words and worried for her. If there was one thing Elena had learned about Damon, it was how unpredictable he could be.

Memorable Quotes

Meredith: “The person who wrote this is five feet eleven inches tall, walks with a slight limp, and wears a false mustache,” Meredith intoned. (Pages 360)

Matt: “Am I going to give my care to the guy who stole my girlfriend and now wants to take a jaunt down south to get her some kind of special flowers she’s just got to have? Are you crazy?” (Page 363-364)

Stefan: “No, I’m not crazy,” he said quietly and turned to go.
Matt: “Neither am I,” Matt had said. “And I’d have to be crazy to turn my car over to you. Hell, no. I’m going with you.”
Stefan: By the time Stefan had turned back around, Matt was looking at the car instead of him, lower lip thrust forward in a wary, judicious pout.
Matt: “After all,” he’d said, rubbing at the flaking vinyl of the roof, “you might scrath the paint or something.” (Page 364)

Questions for consideration:

Why do you think that Stefan is traveling so far south to get vervain? How do you think he plans to protect Elena with it?

What do you think Elena’s dream meant? Is there some significance to it or was it just random?

How do you think Damon was able to get inside the McCullough house without an invitation and locked windows?

Did someone or something in this chapter take you by surprise?

Vampire Diaries: Chapter 9
Written by Rose
Edited by Krystal

As Matt and Stefan drive back toward Fell’s Church, Stefan considers just how grateful he is for someone like Matt. For the first time in five centuries, except Elena, Stefan felt acceptance and it made him almost feel human again.

Staring into the mirror, Elena thought about how stupid she was to warn Bonnie and Meredith not to invite Damon in for she now recalled that it was her who had invited him in. Deciding that she needed to go home, Elena began to pack her things when she saw a huge black feather on the white linen bed. Realizing that Bonnie was no safer than she was here, Elena begs Bonnie to come home with her and the McCullough’s succumb to Elena’s wishes. At home, Elena still couldn’t sleep as she lay awake next to Bonnie until dawn. That was when Elena heard the wheezing sound of Matt’s engine and she raced down to tackle Stefan. One look at the two boys told Elena that they needed to go inside for a deeper conversation.

Memorable Quotes

Matt: “Why? Were you thinking of saying something like that?”
Stefan: “Not really.”
Matt: “Good. Because if you did I’d probably deck you.” (Page 378)

Stefan: “If I thought it would so you any good, I’d leave. I wouldn’t expose you to Damon. But I don’t think he’d follow me if I went, not anymore. I think he might stay – because of you.” (Page 381)

Caroline: “Oh, who cares about who founded the town? All I want is to see Elena humiliated in front of the entire school.” (Page 386)

Questions for consideration:

Had you forgotten that Elena herself invited Damon into Bonnie’s house the night Yangtze was killed?

Were you surprised to find that it was Caroline and Tyler that were responsible for stealing Elena’s diary? Did you think Damon was involved at first?

How do you think Elena is going to get her diary back?

What is your favorite quote from this chapter?

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