Vampire Diaries: Chapter 5
Written by Rose
Edited by Krystal

The next morning, Elena writes in her diary. She woke up extremely weak, but when Stefan came to her mind, she tried to get up only to have Aunt Judith put her straight back. Bonnie and Meredith had left early in the morning and she sat waiting for Stefan to call. He promised he would and when he did she was going to tell him…

The next day Elena is shocked by her previous entry; she had bought a new diary and never officially started her new diary. She laments the loss of her previous diary and how much it bothers her that someone is reading her personal thoughts and feelings for Stefan. Elena knew that she and Stefan were finally together and she had been waiting for him all her life. She had gone to visit him yesterday and so had the police, but he had not been accused of anything. In the end there was no evidence against Stefan and any of them could testify that Stefan himself was attacked. Stefan still didn’t remember what had happened, but he knew Damon was involved. Ending the diary, Elena wonders who the new European History teacher will be.

Memorable Quotes

Caroline: “I told you your time on the throng might be running out. But it isn’t my doing. What’s happening is simply natural selection. The law of the jungle.”
Elena: “And just what is happening?”
Caroline: “Well, let’s just say that going out with a murderer can put a cramp in your social life.” (Page 323)

Elena: “Say it,”she told him. “Tell me how you can get along without me, Stefan. Tell me-“
She never got to finish the sentence. It was cut off as his mouth descended on hers. (Page 326)

Questions for consideration:

What do you think of the new teacher, Alaric Saltzman?

What do you think Elena meant when she said, “That explains it” during class, after Alaric mentions staying at the Ramsey’s and his invitation to teach?

If Caroline wants to take Elena’s spot on the throne, then why is she giving Elena advice to drop Stefan and save her reputation?

Did something or someone in this chapter catch you by surprise?

Vampire Diaries: Chapter 6
Written by Rose
Edited by Krystal

Stefan found himself at Elena’s house, agreeing politely to everything Aunt Judith said. Judith was uncomfortable with his presence, but she was making and effort and therefore he would too, if not for simply for Elena. Even when she wasn’t next to him, Stefan was always aware of Elena’s presence. He loved her so much and no longer compared her to Katherine; sure she shared Katherine’s hair and skin, but beyond that they shared nothing. Sadly, her strength was what made their love so dangerous. He had not been able to turn her away when she offered blood to him and even now he looked for any small change that signaled he had gone too far. He needed to be more careful, but here he was with her instead of out feeding. Aunt Judith suggest the two stay for dinner before going to the party, but Elena says they plan to get something on the way. Stefan agrees, despite not needing ordinary food, and Elena heads upstairs to dress. Before she leaves, Stefan tells her to gear a high necked sweater, but Elena reveals the almost healed wounds. Tearing his eyes away from the brilliant burgundy puncture marks, Stefan explains that the wounds were not really what he was concerned about.

Memorable Quotes

Meredith: “Your incredible sensitivity has me ready to throw up,” said Meredith in a strangled voice. “Could we possibly talk about something else?” (Page 333)

Damon: “Mind if I have a bite?” (Page 335)

Elena: “What’s your major?”
Damon: He smiled at her. “American folklore. Did you know, for instance, that a mole on the neck means you’ll be wealthy? Do you mind if I check?”
Stefan:I mind.” (Page 338)

Questions for consideration:

What do you think are Alaric’s real intentions behind inviting most of the students to his house?

Do you think the note in Elena’s purse was from Damon? Do you think the color purple/violet has any significance?

What do you think was written on the note?

Did something or someone in this chapter catch you by surprise?

What is your favorite quote from this chapter?

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