Vampire Diaries: Chapter 10
Written by Rose
Edited by Krystal

The bell rang and Elena knew she would have to wait to tell Bonnie and Meredith what she had seen in the photography room, so she headed off toward history class. All though class, Elena tried not to stare at Caroline, letting her know that she knew everything. When Alaric questions Stefan and Matt’s absence Elena simply shrugs, she didn’t trust the boyish smile and hazel eyes and Bonnie was no help as she stared at Alaric soulfully. As class ended, Elena caught the end of Sue’s conversation about Damon and interjected a warning. Elena then grabbed Bonnie from Alaric’s pile of groupies and headed toward Meredith’s locker.

Memorable Quotes

Elena: “It’s Tyler,” Elena said. “He’s the one with the big plans. So much for men not being interested in diaries.” (Page 391)

Meredith: “Think again,” said Meredith. “You swore you would do whatever Elena asked in relation to Stefan. There wasn’t anything about a time limit or about ‘only until Elena gets him.’” (Page 394)

Bonne: Bonnie shut her mouth and thrust her chin out. “Right,” she said grimly. “Now I’m stuck for the rest of my life doing whatever Elena wants me to do about Stefan. Wonderful.”
Elena: “This is the last thing I’ll ever ask,” Elena said. “And I promise that. I swear –“
Meredith: “Don’t!” said Meredith, suddenly serious. “Don’t, Elena. You might be sorry later.” (Page 394)

Questions for consideration:

How do you feel about blood oaths now that you see the consequences of such promises?

What do you think Caroline meant when she wrote about Meredith’s parents?

Who do you think saved Elena? Why do you think that person is there?

Did something or someone take you by surprise in this chapter?

Vampire Diaries: Chapter 11
Written by Rose
Edited by Krystal

The savior introduced himself as Salvatore, meaning savior. Elena looked down toward the balcony below, but there was no sound of pursuit and a moment later the French windows closed. Sarcastically, Damon asks if Elena is going to scream, or faint. Elena says that she would neither faint nor scream at him. This intrigues Damon and almost talking to himself he says that he wants her as his Queen of Shadows. He had had many women, but she was the one he wanted by his side for eternity. Elena wittingly replies that they are enemies and could never be anything else, but Damon won’t take her answer and tries to use his power on her. As understanding crosses his face, Damon asks what Elena was doing in Caroline’s house. Strangely, Elena felt no need to lie to Damon and told him the truth of her diary. Damon assumes that it has something to do with Stefan and suggests that if he were out of the picture… Elena stops him mid sentence and threatens him straight forwardly. Damon accepts her threat and says that no matter what she will be his before the snow falls.

Memorable Quotes

Damon: “The name is Salvatore. As in savior.” (Page 406)

Damon: “I may just have to make you my Queen of Shadows,” he said, and, speaking almost to himself, he continued: “I’ve had many companions, girls as young as you and women who were the beauties of Europe. But you’re the one I want at my side. Ruling, taking what we want when we want it. Feared and worshipped by all the weaker souls. Would that be so bad?”
Elena: “I am one of the weaker souls,” Elena said. “And you and I are enemies, Damon. We can never be anything else.” (Page 408)

Damon: “This time I did you a favor,” Damon said, very softly, still holding her. “Next time I’m going to collect.” (Page 413)

Stefan: “Elena, no. Don’t you see? It’s dangerous, dangerous for both of us, but especially for you. It could kill you, or worse.” (Page 420)

Questions for consideration:

Were you surprised that it was Damon who came to her rescue at the Forbes house?

Why do you think Vickie ignored Dick and went for Tyler? What do you think is going to happen to her?

Why do you think it’s taking Stefan so long to recover and gain is powers back? Why won’t he let Elena help and just be extremely cautious?

What is your favorite quote from this chapter?

Vampire Diaries: Chapter 12
Written by Rose
Edited by Krystal

Aunt Judith always made a mock Thanksgiving dinner the Sunday beforehand and Elena was out getting last minute supplies. As she reached for the cranberry sauce a familiar voice called to her, it was Matt. After going through the checkout Elena looked back at Matt, who was staring at a magazine. Something about the way he stood gave him away and she asked what his plans were for dinner. Matt admits that he has no plans and Elena invites him over, being specific that Stefan would not be attending. He agrees and they head toward the car.

Memorable Quotes

Elena: “So what do you think? Want to take a chance on Aunt Judith’s cooking?” (Page 423)

Elena: “I guess you don’t have a way with animals.” (Page 426)

Elena: “Yes, apparently the doctors can’t understand it. She just keeps getting worse and worse, as if the attack was still going on.” Elena kept her eyes on Damon’s face as she spoke, but he displayed only a courteous interest. “Have some more stuffing,” she finished, propelling a bowl at him.
Damon: “No thank you. I’ll have some more of this, though,” He held a spoonful of jellied cranberry sauce up to one of the candles so that light shone through it. “It’s such a tantalizing color.” (Page 429)

Questions for consideration:

What do you think made Bonnie go into a trance? Was it the candle or Damon’s presence or both?

Were you surprised to find that the old house needed a separate invitation than the new house?

Do you think Damon would have hurt Margaret if Elena didn’t give herself to him?

Did something or someone in this chapter take you by surprise?

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