Vampire Diaries: Chapter 9
Written by Amanda
Edited by Rose / Krystal

As Stefan drove home he thought about just how dissimilar Elena and Katherine really were. He notes the differences and similarities in their appearance and demeanor, making a special note about the differences in eye color and how Elena’s “narrowed with determination or challenge in a way Katherine’s never had.” Thinking of Katherine always brought back memories; this time it was the day Katherine showed of the new white gown, her father had commissioned for her.

Memorable Quotes

Damon: “Even the most doting of fathers must start to wonder when his daughter comes forth only at night.” (Page 135)

Katherine: “Who chooses to be my husband must give up the life of sunlight,” she whispered. “He must choose to live under the moon and in the hours of darkness.” (Page 136)

Stefan: I will die before touching her, he thought, making a vow of it. Before I broach her veins, I will die of thirst. And I swear she will never know my secret. She will never have to give up the sunlight because of me. (Page 139)

Meredith: “You see,” said Meredith archly, “all Mr. Tanner’s work has paid off. Bonnie now knows the Spanish Inquisition is not a rock group.” (Page 142)

Vickie: “You’re part of it! You’re evil!” she screamed hysterically at Elena. “Keep away from me!” (Page 144)

Elena: It doesn’t matter if you can’t say it right now. I’ll say it for both of us. And someday you’ll learn. (Page 149)

Questions for consideration:

Who do you think Katherine choose, Damon or Stefan? Do you think she has a connection to their vampire state?

What did you think of Vickie’s reaction to Elena? Why do you think that she accused Elena of being part of what happened and evil?

Were you surprised to learn that Elena’s lost ribbon was in the coffer?

Did you see any particular symbolism or little detail you have never noticed before while re-reading this Chapter?

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