Vampire Diaries: Chapter 7
Written by Amanda
Edited by Rose / Krystal

Bonnie was on the dance floor enjoying herself, but when she looked over Meredith was signaling her. Elena had left the dance with Tyler and Meredith was frantic. Matt, who saw her leave, doesn’t know where they headed so they decide to go look for her. Deciding they should leave now, Bonnie turns around and bumps into Stefan who appears to be eavesdropping.

Tyler parked halfway up the hill to the ruined church in the graveyard and they all got out. Tyler headed for the trunk and pulled out a six-pack and they walked up the path as a huge, red moon loomed on the horizon. Vickie suggests going into the ruins of the old church and once inside Elena spots a large tomb of Thomas Keeping and Honoria Fell, the town’s founders. Tyler makes a snide comment about his ancestors being in the area during the same time, but Dick jokingly adds that they eaten by wolves. Vickie defiles the Fell tomb by putting lipstick on the statues and Elena feels a sick twinge in her stomach, reminded of her parents. A drunken Tyler convinces Dick to help him open their tomb, but it wouldn’t budge. Acting casual, Elena leans on the tomb and feels the lid shift; losing her balance. She screamed as an icy wind whips around her and she feels herself falling into the open tomb. Next thing she knew, she was standing in the moonlight and Tyler had a hold of her. Giggling at her the boys head to the tomb and shine a light on the tomb; it was still completely intact. Quite shaken with the events, Elena proclaims she wants to head back to the dance, but Dick and Vickie choose to stay behind. Tyler agrees to take her, but only after they check out his grandfather’s headstone. Elena agrees to humor Tyler, but doesn’t feel altogether keen with this idea. They head down to the old graveyard where Tyler points out a huge ball of red marble that reminded her of the moon. Tyler then begins to force himself on Elena, tearing her dress down the front. When Elena fights back biting Tyler’s hand, he angrily clenches fist about to strike.

Memorable Quotes

Vickie: “Thomas and Honoria are looking kind of pale,” said Vickie, still giggling. “I think what they need is a little color.” (Page 102)

Elena: She heard the grinding of stone and felt the lid shift under her left hand all at once. It was moving away from her, making her lose her balance. The lighter went flying, and she screamed and screamed again, trying to keep her feet. She was falling into the open tomb, and an icy wind roared all around her. Screams rang in her ears. (Page 103-104)

Tyler: “I can’t let you go without one look at my grandfather’s headstone.” (Page 105)

Stefan: Now, standing in front of the cemetery gate in the midnight darkness, he wanted nothing so much as to turn around and go away. Go back to the dance where he’d left Caroline, that supple, sun-bronzed creature who was absolutely safe because she meant absolutely nothing to him. (Page 108)

Stefan: “A gentleman doesn’t force his company on anyone.” (Page 110)

Elena: She looked at him, a strangely elegant figure among the tombstones, his face pale in the moonlight. He had never looked so…so beautiful to her before, but that beauty was almost alien. Not just foreign, but inhuman, because no human could project that aura of power, or of distance. (Page 112)

Questions for consideration:

Why do you think Stefan became dizzy when he entered the cemetery?

Do you think that things would have gone horribly wrong for Elena if Stefan had not shown up?  How far do you think that Tyler would have taken things?

Did you think that Stefan would have killed Tyler if Elena hadn’t asked him to stop?

Did something or someone in this chapter catch you by surprise?

Did you see any particular symbolism or little detail you have never noticed before while re-reading this chapter?

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