Vampire Diaries: Chapter 6
Written by Amanda
Edited by Rose / Krystal

The chapter opens with an entry in Elena’s diary – her first entry in over two weeks. She tells her diary about being frightened to talk of many things, even to her diary. Still afraid of what transpired in the cemetery, she writes about the old man being attacked and how all the kids have to stay in after dark. Mostly though, Elena has been busy with “Plan B” which is progressing nicely. Everyone seems to have forgotten her interest in Stefan, but Caroline has been missing at lunch so she doesn’t know or care what’s going on with her. The only thing she cares about now is Stefan. Even Bonnie and Meredith don’t know how important he is to her. Aunt Judith has started to worry, but Elena just can’t seem to concentrate on anything including the Haunted House fundraiser. Stefan hadn’t talked to Elena since the day she approached him, but that didn’t stop her from catching him staring at her in history. She mentions that Stefan seems so isolated and although it’s his choice she can’t help but feel sorry. The only person Stefan does seem to talk to is Matt.

As Elena finishes her entry, she feels bad about how the Jean-Claude rumor affected Matt. She apologizes to him one day after class and confesses that it was a lie to make people think that she wasn’t upset about Stefan. Matt tells Elena that Stefan is like that with everyone and he doesn’t talk about anything personal, but Matt has a feeling that behind Stefan’s wall he’s miserable. Elena realizes that she’s never considered this side of Stefan before. An idea suddenly strikes Elena and she convinces Matt to come to the Homecoming Dance with her next week, if he can guarantee that Stefan will go.

Memorable Quotes

Elena: “He isn’t like any boy I’ve ever known.” (Page 82)

Matt: “Elena,” he said, “you are incredible. You twist people around your little finger, and I don’t even think you even know you’re doing it. And now you’re going to ask me to do something to help you ambush Stefan, and I’m such a dumb sucker I might even agree to do it.” (Page 85)

Elena: He couldn’t refuse to dance with her. If he came to the dance at all, he couldn’t refuse the Homecoming Queen. (Page 87)

Robert: “Well, actually, it just occurred to me that Elena is a form of the name Helen. And for some reason I was thinking of Helen of Troy.”
Bonnie: “Beautiful and doomed,” said Bonnie happily.
Robert: “Well, yes,” said Robert, not looking happy at all. (Page 89)

Elena: I’m playing with fire, with something I don’t understand, she thought suddenly. And in that instant she realized that she was frightened. Her heart began to pound violently. It was if those green eyes spoke to some part of her that was buried deep beneath the surface – and that part was screaming “danger” at her. Some instinct older than civilization was telling her to run, to flee. (Page 93)

Caroline: “Why, Elena, how sweet you look.” (Page 93)

Elena: “I’ll just go out and find myself some other things to move on to. Like some other best friends.” (Page 96)

Questions for consideration:

What did you think of Elena enlisting Matt in getting Stefan to go to the Homecoming Dance?

What was your interpretation of the way that Stefan was looking at Elena? Do you think that he was as smitten with her as she thought or do you think that it was something else?

Did something or someone in this chapter catch you by surprise?

Did you see any particular symbolism or little detail you have never noticed before while re-reading this Chapter?

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