Vampire Diaries: Chapter 3
Written by Katie
Edited by Rose / Krystal

It was dawn and Stefan had just returned from the woods. Thinking about his first day of school, he remembered how other students had commented on his wardrobe and his mind wandered to a memory of his father’s face when Damon announced he was quitting University.

Their father was outraged, tells Damon he knows everything that has been going on at the school; the gambling, the jousting and the women, but Damon stood aloof. Stefan gave his brother credit in being able to not even wince at their father’s words. While his brother tried to charm Mr. Salvatore, a young girl came into the study; Stefan sat dazzled by Katharine’s lapis lazuli eyes and long golden locks. Her father had brought Katharine over from Germany to the warmer climate of Italy in hopes she would recover from a prolonged illness.

Memorable Quotes

Damon: “I would have thought even you could understand such a simple sentence, Father. Shall I repeat it in Latin for you?” (Page 32)

Giuseppe: “You are telling me that I, Giuseppe, Conte di Salvatore, will have to face my friends knowing that my son is a scioparto? A ne’er-do-well? An idler who makes no useful contribution to Florence? “ (Page 32-33)

Giuseppe: “It’s not bad enough that when you are at school you waste your time and my money? Oh, yes, I know all about the gambling, the jousting, the women. And I know that if it were not for your secretary and your tutors you would be failing every course. But now you mean to disgrace me utterly. And why? Why? So that you may return to your hunting and hawking?” (Page 33)

Questions for consideration:

Why would Elena assume that Matt would want to be only friends with her?

Why do you think Damon, Stefan’s brother isn’t around anymore?

Why is Elena trying so hard to get Stefan’s attention?

What is your favorite quote from this chapter?

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