Vampire Diaries: Chapter 2
Written by Katie
Edited by Rose / Krystal

As Elena arrives at school, she spots her welcoming party. All her old friends were waiting for her in the parking lot and after saying hello to everyone Bonnie mentions that over the summer her cousin told her she was a psychic. Everyone laughs at this announcement, but Bonnie picks up Elena’s hand to read her palm anyways. As she stares into Elena’s palm, Bonnie’s face goes blank and she stared as if frightened at something.

Elena’s friend Meredith laughed and jokes that Elena will meet a tall dark stranger, but Bonnie proceeds to tell her that she will meet a dark stranger but that they aren’t tall any longer even though they once were. A flurry of laughter ensues and Bonnie says that’s impossible and drops Elena’s hand telling her she didn’t want to see anymore.

Memorable Quotes

Caroline: “A lot of things changed while you were gone this summer, Elena. And just maybe your time on the throne is running out.”
Elena: “Maybe, but I wouldn’t buy a scepter just yet if I were you, Caroline.” (Page 23-24)

Elena: She’d have him, even if it killed her. If it killed both of them, she’d have him. (Page 30)

Questions for consideration:

Why do you think Caroline is now snubbing Elena?

Why would Stefan need to keep his glasses on?

What could have happened to Katherine to make Stefan not want to even look at Elena?

What was your favorite quote from this chapter?

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