Vampire Diaries: Chapter 14
Written by Krystal

Elena was sure that Stefan wasn’t capable of killing someone, especially Katherine. Stefan ignored her protest and continued the story of how that evening he had hoped that Katherine would come to him. He had begun to notices the changes in himself and more than anything he was hungry. At dinner he realized that ordinary food would not satisfy the hunger and then he noticed the neck of a servant girl and knew why. Resisting the temptation all through the evening, Stefan prayed that Katherine would come to him. The next morning, the need was even stronger. Stefan approached Katherine’s bedroom to plead with her, but all he found was Damon. Stefan ignored him and pounded on Katherine’s door until Gudren answered. Gudren informs Stefan that Katherine went for a walk early this morning to think and she had been crying all evening. Damon agreed to help find Katherine and they began to search the gardens. Stefan had remembered a place Katherine liked to go and made his way there, but as he reached it a terrible premonition came over him. Slowly making his way to the nearby tree, Stefan noticed something white under it. As he comes closer, the smell of burned flesh fills his nostrils and he knows. Looking over he saw Katherine’s ring on a rock nearby and a piece of parchment on the ground.

Memorable Quotes

Stefan: “I pounded on that door to wake…” He faltered, and then gave another humorless laugh. “I was going to say, ‘to wake the dead.’ But the dead aren’t so hard to wake after all, are they?” (Page 223)

Stefan: He looked up at Elena and finished simply, “And that is how… I died.” (Page 227)

Elena: He tried to oppose her. But her gentleness was stronger than all his inhuman strength. She shut her eyes and thought only of Stefan, not of the dreadful things she had learned tonight but of Stefan, who had stroked her hair lightly as is she might break in his hands. She thought of that, and she kissed the predatory mouth that had threatened her a few minutes ago.
She felt the change, the transformation in his mouth as he yielded, responding helplessly to her, meeting her soft kisses with equal softness. She felt the shudder go through Stefan’s body as the hard grip on her shoulders softened too, becoming an embrace. And she knew she’d won. (Page 237)

Questions for consideration:

Were you surprised to learn of what happened to Katherine?

Were you surprised to learn that it has been Damon all this time that has been stalking Elena and setting Stefan up?

Why do you think Damon is doing all this to Stefan after all these years of ignoring him and what does he want with Elena?

Did something or someone in this chapter catch you by surprise?

What is your favorite quote from this chapter?

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