Vampire Diaries: Chapter 12
Written by Krystal

As Elena examined herself in the full-length mirror, Margaret looks on, admiring the beautiful Renaissance dress that was custom made to fit Elena perfectly. She looked like she had stepped out of one of her Italian Renaissance books and into life, but before she could think more on the subject Stefan’s car approached the house. Rushing downstairs, Elena grabbed the doorknob and pulled it back revealing herself to Stefan. A sharp indrawn breath and shocked expressed covered Stefan’s face and Elena felt cold. He recovered quickly, reassuring that she looked beautiful, but something about him made her unsure. Trying to put the feeling off, Elena comments on his outfit, he looked perfect as Dracula and when she first mentioned the idea he had seemed amused. As they walked to his car, Elena knew that Stefan was further away than ever before and her heart felt like ice.

Memorable Quotes

Elena: “ I like you best as a little white cat.” (Page 184)

Stefan: “No, no, it’s beautiful. You’re beautiful.”
Elena: Then why are you standing there looking as if you’d seen a ghost? she though. Why don’t you hold me, kiss me – something! (Page 186)

Tyler: “Somebody who has a history of violence,” Tyler was continuing, his lips drawing back from his teeth. “Somebody who, for all we know, is a psychopath who came to Fell’s Church just to kill.”
Elena: “Tyler, what are you talking about?” Elena’s dazed feeling had burst like a bubble. Furious, she stepped toward the tall, husky boy. “You’re crazy!”
Tyler: He gestured at her without looking at her. “So says his girlfriend – but maybe she’s a little prejudiced.”
Matt: “And maybe you’re a little prejudiced, Tyler.” (Page 198)

Tyler: “I’ll tell you something else,” shouted Tyler, gesturing at them to be quite. “Listen to me! I’ll tell you something else!” He waited until everyone was looking at him and then slowly, impressively, “He was in the cemetery the night Vickie Bennett was attacked.”
Matt: “Sure he was in the cemetery – rearranging your face.” (Page 199)

Questions for consideration:

Who do you think killed Mr. Tanner? Do you think it could have been Stefan, weakened by his thirst for blood?

Were you surprised that a major character like Mr. Tanner died in the book? Do you think more major characters will die throughout the series?

Why do you think Stefan wants Matt to watch over Elena? Do you think it’s short-term or long-term?

Did you see any particular symbolism or little detail you have never noticed before while re-reading this Chapter?

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