Vampire Diaries: Chapter 11
Written by Krystal

Elena stumbled down the dark corridor until the lights suddenly flicked on and she found herself in the presence of familiar lockers. A voice range out near her and Elena turned to see Bonnie and Meredith headed her way. Happier than ever to see her friends, Elena rushes to them demanding to know where they went. Too scared to continue working, Elena suggests the girls quit for the night, but Meredith eyes her suspiciously.

All through the weekend and the next week, Elena and the girls worked on the Haunted House. This left little time for Stefan, but the most frustrating part was Stefan’s continued resistance to be alone with Elena and the mystery that still surrounded him. Stefan never spoke about his family or life before Fell’s Church and refused to answer her questions, but every once in a while she could sense his true love for her. These happy days came less and less now though and Elena began to feel the distance growing between them.

Memorable Quotes

Elena: Once she had asked him if he missed Italy, if he was sorry he’d come here. And for an instant his eyes had lightened, the green sparkling like oak leaves reflected in a running stream. “How could I be sorry, when you are here?” he said, and kissed her in a way that put all inquires out of her mind. (Page 168)

Elena: “You!” she said, astounded. “What do you think you’re doing here?” She looked from him to the French doors, which were indeed open, showing the side lawn. “Do you always just walk into other people’s houses uninvited?”
Mysterious Man: “But you asked me to come in.” (Page 177)

Mysterious Man: “It’s all right. You’ll see.” He pulled the shirt away from her neck, his other hand behind her head. (Page 178)

Questions for consideration:

Were you shocked to see the mysterious young man again so soon?

Any new idea’s as to who he might be?

Why do you think Katherine changed Stefan on that night so long ago?

Did something or someone in this chapter catch you by surprise?

What is your favorite quote from this chapter?

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