Daisey Cheyney of the Helsinki Times has written a very interesting article about vampires:

Myths and legends have transcended cultures and eras but none have done so quite like vampires.

This renaissance is hardly surprising. The allure of vampires has been apparent since the 19th century and, despite what you might suspect, the longevity of their appeal is not a result of the vampires’ glamouring skills but most likely our own conflicting desire for, and fear of, immortality.

Centuries of sucking
The origin of the vampire myth is a huge subject in itself, and superstitions about bloodsuckers and the myths that pertain to the vampire legend have been present in most world cultures for millennia: From bats and leeches to the South American Chupacabra (“goat sucker”) and the Ghanaian Asasabonsam-monster with iron teeth.

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Love this article, she brings up some great points. I agree that we adapt the modern vampire to meet our needs, whatever they may be.

What do you think of this article? Do you agree with her points?