By Robin Rowe at Hollywood Today

BBC America presents vampire drama series Being Human in a holiday marathon screening on Sunday, October 25th

“It was pitched to me by my agent as a ghost, a werewolf and a vampire sharing a house, and I thought ‘that’s a bit out there,’” says Being Human star Lenora Crichlow, who plays the role of the insecure ghost Annie. “It’s really quirky and light in some places, but it’s got quite a dark undertone. It’s just a really fresh take on dealing with life. All the characters’ unusual qualities are grounded in real stuff…addiction, self-esteem, anger, love. All of them are dealing with being human, just on a really extreme scale.”


“There are so many layers to it,” says Being Human star Russell Tovey, who plays the role of the werewolf George. “It’s not just about a vampire, werewolf and ghost. It’s about three people struggling with life and trying to cope, which everybody can relate to. George doesn’t want to hurt anyone. He just wants to be normal.”

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This sounds like a really cool show if it’s done well. It has the potential to be campy.

Have you seen Being Human? What do you think? Does this sound like a show you’d watch?