HOW VAMPIRES TOOK OVER THE SILVER SCREEN Hollywood was never the hardest virgin to seduce. It took but a penetrating glance and cinema succumbed, stretching out its smooth, bare neck and letting the mythical creatures sink their fangs into our collective imagination.

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Vampires are ‘in’ right now, thanks to bloodsucker-filled television show True Blood and Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series, but they’ve been a distinct part of the Hollywood imagination right from the 1920s — long before they became trending topics on Twitter.

Things truly commenced with FW Murnau’s legendary Nosferatu, a 1922 silent classic that set the ball rolling for screen representations of Dracula.

The vampire had been discussed on screen even before, but Nosferatu was a breathtaking step forward in terms of cinematic language and gothic expression, and remains a must-watch.


The writer is right, Nosferatu is a classic to watch and an image that instantly come to mind when we mention a memorable vampire, but could these new handsome vampire be taking over the silver screen? Will it change the way we see them? What do you think?