Just a small bit of gaming and vampire news today:

Viz Acquires Vampire Knight Anime to Go With the Manga

Viz’s Vampire Knight is one of the better-known manga in this genre — the latest in the series, Volume 7, was #6 on the most recent New York Times manga bestseller list, its 8th week on the list — and now they’re adding the anime as well.

No dates or specific release plans are yet available, but Viz yesterday announced that “it has acquired the domestic TV, Home Entertainment, Streaming, DTO, and Merchandising rights to the hit VAMPIRE KNIGHT animated series.” (I believe “DTO” means Download-to-Own.) This includes all home video outlets, including Blu-Ray, plus video on demand and mobile technology. I’m sure there will be more announcements coming over the rest of the year.


Vampire Story Goes Digital


Legacy Interactive has announced the release of Vampire Story as a digital download. The game was released back in 2008 at retail stores and is now available at Legacy’s web site. Vampire Story is an adventure game for the PC and is easily attained by heading to Legacy’s web site and downloading the game. No more having to go to a retailer to play Vampire Story.

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The animated series sounds cool.

I am not much into games, it’s such a time suck. What do you think of these two pieces of news?