Vampire Diaries Recap & Review Season 2 Episode 18 ‘The Last Dance’

Written by OBS Staff Member Rose

Unbeknownst to Elena, Stefan, and the rest of the crew, Klaus has inhabited the body of Alaric and is strategizing with Katherine, in Alaric apartment on how to get to Elena. With his compulsion he finds out through Katherine that Bonnie has the power of 100 witches and plans on using it against him. He plans on killing Bonnie so he has no obstacle to Elena.

Meanwhile, Matt is freaking out about his knowledge about Caroline (she’s a vamp) and is discussing this with Caroline’s mother. Liz tells Matt to go with Caroline to the dance and not mention that he recalls what Caroline has told him. She needs to figure out the next step and what she will do with the information that both Salvatore brothers are vampires and the Gilbert family is in the know.

Stefan and Damon hand the deed for their house over to Elena, for now since she owns it, only she can be one to let people in and it will be safer for her there.  With that being done, Bonnie and Elena go off to school and while there, a compelled student tells Elena a cute boy wanted to ask her to the dance and his name was Klaus. This freaks Elena out and they realize Klaus could be anywhere.

In class, Alaric walks in to teach the class, learns they were discussing the 60’s in honor of the dance that night and Alaric acts nonchalant about the curriculum and spews off some random thoughts about the 60’s. One fact was wrong and Elena corrects him that it took place in the 70’s, while calling her teacher by his first name. She checks her self and calls him Mr. Saltzman.

Jeremy is distraught over the fact that Bonnie knows full well she could die if she uses her powers against Klaus and relays this to Bonnie who is determined to fight for Elena and not let her friend die.

While sifting through 60’s clothing to wear for the dance that evening, Elena contemplates going to the dance, but decides she should, she doesn’t want to miss out on anything.

At the dance, Elena and the group act casual but keep their eyes peeled for anything unusual. On stage a student announces a song request, which is sent out to Elena, from Klaus. This puts the crew on edge.

Matt arrives with Caroline and Stefan pulls Caroline aside for a moment to let her in on what’s going on. Matt asks questions, trying to get information, but Caroline brushes him off.

Alaric is standing in the center of the dance floor eyeballing everyone with a weird smirk and an air of knowing on his face.

Bonnie and Damon discuss the fact she might die trying to save Elena. Then Stefan finds out from Jeremy this important piece of information, tells Elena and Elena confronts Bonnie. Elena tries to dissuade Bonnie from attempting to kill Klaus but their friendship means too much and Bonnie says that she would do it for her if the roles were reversed.

Meanwhile inside, three compelled students in the hall jump Jeremy. Stefan and Damon arrive just in time and realize the whole thing is a diversion.

Outside, Alaric approaches Bonnie and Elena and tells them Klaus has Jeremy and to come with him. They proceed go inside the bowels of the school.

Once inside, Elena realizes something is wrong and they believe Alaric is being compelled, but soon realize Klaus is inside Alaric’s body and using it as a vessel. The fight begins as Bonnie uses her powers and throws Alaric/Klaus across the hall. With Klaus provoking her, she is falling right into the trap he planned. Bonnie tells Elena to run and she shuts the door after she flees.

While Klaus and Bonnie are battling it out, Elena is locked out and Bonnie turns and looks at Elena with a weird look in her eye and then she falls to the ground and Klaus disappears. Damon and Stefan are there with her as Elena is leaning over Bonnie hysterical at the fact her friend has died.

Damon says he will take care of the body and this enrages Elena. Stefan removes her and Damon gets to work taking Bonnie’s body out of the building.

At the Salvatore house Elena is beside herself with grief. Damon comes back and Elena is so upset she slaps him. He tells Elena to brace herself for what he is about to say. He explains Klaus would have never given up trying to kill Bonnie. He wanted her dead, as simple as that. There was nothing they could do. Bonnie had to die. He then says that in order for that to be, it had to really look like she died. Elena looks puzzled. Damon then tells her that they had to keep her and Stefan in the dark in order for that to work. Bonnie is in fact alive and well, she simply cast a spell.

Jeremy is peering over Bonnie’s body and Bonnie comes to. They are holed up in a dark abandoned building. Candles are lit up and Jeremy hugs Bonnie. He tells her she will not be alone there; he’s brought the Internet. He sets it up and Bonnie sees Elena on the computer via some sort of Skype program and they are both very happy to see each other.

Back at the Salvatore house, Elena walks in to Damon’s room and apologizes for slapping him. He admits to her that the next time he would surely allow Bonnie to die if it meant saving her. Damon tells her when it comes down to it, he will always choose her. Elena looks at him and they have a small moment. She bids him goodnight and turns to look at him as she leaves. As she’s walking the halls she goes to the basement where the vampire Elijah is lying on the floor with the dagger in his chest. She walks over and proceeds to take the dagger out from his chest. She sits down next to the body and waits.


This episode was pretty cut and dry and the scene where Bonnie was fighting Klaus was a bit kiddy if you ask me. Sparks flying around, a paper hurricane from the bulletin boards engulf the room and Klaus, a seemingly indestructible vampire original, was being tossed about like a rag doll. Granted he inhabited Alaric’s body, but I expected more. Why did Klaus just up and disappear when Bonnie fell? He never went over to her to make sure she was dead. You’d think after 1000’s of years experience, he would have double-checked. This was rather silly. It was the end of the episode that made you sit up and say “Oh no!” and take notice. We’ll get to that in a minute.

Matt and Liz’s storyline in this episode was just filler and a set up on what is to come. What exactly will Caroline’s mom do know that the cat is out of the bag and she knows what’s up? How will this affect Damon’s status with the council? Will Liz somehow be wiped of her memory in time? Why is Matt such a pussywillow? Seriously. You’d think after all he has been through he’d grow a backbone. He is in love with Caroline and that’s how he acts? What do you think of all this?

Now for that amazing 30 second ending. I tell you, after Elena walked out of her little chitchat with Damon, I just knew it was Katherine. How did she know Elena slapped him is what I want to know! That’s number one. Number two, if Elena holds the deed to the house, how did she manage to enter the house? Alaric could enter because Klaus took his human form and the whole “you can’t enter here” didn’t apply to him. But Katherine is vamp, so this made no sense.

She is obviously waking Elijah to have him deal with Klaus, for all she cares about is herself. So not only does the crew have Klaus to deal with, but now Elijah and the thorn in their side that is Sheriff Liz Forbes.

Props to the writers for that awesome twist ending!

What did you think of this episode? What was your favorite scene? Did you really think Bonnie was dead? Let’s discuss!