Beware when someone tells you that they have a diabolical plan and won’t clue you in!!

Tonight’s episode opens with Stefan suspecting that someone is in the boarding house. He calls out for Damon and no one answers. He ends up being knocked down by a female vampire by the name of Lexi. They hug and she wishes him a happy birthday. They are next seen hanging out in his room, discussing the vampire problem in town and he tells her to be careful. Lexi suggests that they go to New York to see the Bon Jovi concert to celebrate his birthday. Stefan tells her about Elena and then Lexi asks where Damon is. She comments that she wishes that she had a ring like theirs so that she could go out during the day.

At the Sheriff’s Office, we then see Jeremy, Matt, Stefan, and Elena all being questioned by Sheriff Forbes about Vicki’s disappearance. They all give the same story and say that they believe that she left town. Jeremy comments that it’s for the best…just as Damon was supposed to make him believe. Outside of the station, Elena and Stefan talk and Elena mentions how bad it is for her having to lie to Jeremy and Matt and she tells Stefan that he has to stay away from her.

Lexi wakes up from a nap to find Damon lying in the bed next to her. They have some sarcastic banter between themselves and then Lexi pins Damon down with her hand to his throat. She reminds him that she’s older and stronger and she’ll hurt him if he ruins her time with Stefan.

At Bonnie’s grandmother’s house, Bonnie is packing to go home. Her grandmother comments on how Bonnie’s father doesn’t like her being there because she fills Bonnie’s head with witch stuff. Bonnie tells her grandmother that she’s going to give the amulet back to Caroline and her grandmother tells her that she has to wear it because it belongs to her. Bonnie suggests that her grandmother wear it and she refutes it because it found Bonnie – not her. Her grandmother tells her not to give it to anyone and Bonnie comments that she wishes that it were prettier.

At Elena’s house, Elena is moping on the couch and Aunt Jenna joins her. She’s wallowing because she was dumped via email by Logan. Jeremy is doing his homework and Elena and Aunt Jenna are both shocked by the change in his behavior.

Damon shows up at Sheriff Forbes’ office and delivers a box full of vervain to her and tells her that it’s all that he has at the moment. Damon proceeds to get information from her about the circle of people who need it, as well as their beliefs on vampires (such as they thought that they could only come out at night). They discuss strategy and Damon offers his help.

Back at Elena’s, she’s still wallowing in self pity. Bonnie finds Elena in bed and piles in with her to talk. Elena confesses that she and Stefan broke up. Bonnie apologizes for being MIA and Elena tells her to get her mind off of it. Bonnie tells her “you asked for it” and rips open a pillow and dumps the feathers all over Elena’s bed. She then swears Elena to secrecy and then she begins to levitate the feathers – first with her hands and then with her mind. Elena is in shock and Bonnie confesses that she’s a witch. Elena responds by telling her that she believes her.

Damon approaches Caroline, who confronts him until Damon uses his powers on her. He tells her that she’s going to throw a party that night at the grill and tells her to get the crystal back from Bonnie.

Back at the boarding house, Lexi and Stefan are talking about Elena and discussing whether they’ve had sex or not. Stefan talks about how he doesn’t compel Elena to do anything and wants her to want to be with him. Lexi opens a case filled with pouches of blood and pops a straw into one, commenting on how she couldn’t stick to Stefan’s animal diet. She offers some to Stefan and he refuses. Damon arrives and tells them about the party at the grill, noting that it’s important for the town to see them out and blending in with everyone. Lexi begs to go. Stefan suspects that Damon is up to something and Lexi talks him into going to the party.

Elena shows up at the boarding house and Lexi calls out to come on in. Elena finds Lexi in the hallway wearing a towel. Lexi is stunned when she sees Elena, thinking that she’s Katherine. She asks where Stefan is and Lexi tells her that he’s in the shower. Elena leaves, flustered. Back upstairs, Lexi confronts Stefan and asks him if he’s out of his mind while holding up the photo of Katherine. Stefan tells her that Elena isn’t Katherine. They discuss the possibility of them being related and Stefan tells her that he has no desire to tie her to Katherine, but confesses that the appearance is what first drew him to her. He then gushes about Elena and Lexi tells him, “You’re in love with her.” Stefan confesses, “Yeah, yeah I am.”

At the Grill, Caroline asks Damon if he’s having a good time. He tells her that he’s not since she doesn’t have the crystal. Lexi arrives without Stefan.

Stefan shows up at Elena’s house and tells her that Lexi said that she came by. Elena makes a comment about “the girl in the towel” and Stefan tells her that Lexi is his oldest friend – 350 years old. Elena mentions that Lexi gave her a weird stare and Stefan tells her that it’s probably because he’s talked about her a lot and she probably felt like she already knew her. Elena tells Stefan that she’s really upset about all of the secrets that she’s keeping and how she can’t even talk to her best friend. Stefan is the only person she can talk to about the truth. Stefan tells her that he’ll always be there for her. Elena thanks him for coming by and he asks her if she needs a ride to the party at the Grill. Surprised that Stefan is going, she asks him if he’s going. He tells her that Lexi is making him go and that it’s his birthday. She wishes him a happy birthday and tells him that she’s going to stay home. Stefan leaves and she watches him go through the almost-closed door.

At the Grill, Caroline asks Bonnie for the crystal. Bonnie asks her why and tells her that she can’t give it back. Caroline tells her that it makes her look fat and they argue about it. Caroline tries to rip it from her neck and it shocks her like it did Damon. Stefan talks to Matt, telling him that he was trying to help and that he went through something similar a few years before. Matt comments that Vicki is like their mom and that he can’t count on either of them and thanks Stefan for trying. Damon asks Caroline where the crystal is and suggests that she rip it from Bonnie’s neck. Caroline tells him that she tried and that it shocked her. She makes a comment about the “stupid necklace” and Damon tells her that the only stupid thing at the party is her. He goes on to tell her that she’s shallow and useless. A couple leaves the Grill and goes outside to make out. Damon attacks the boy and pins the girl up against a wall.

Lexi and Stefan are playing pool when Elena shows up at the Grill. Damon and Elena snit with one another. Elena asks Damon what he did to Jeremy, noting that he’s “too OK”. Damon tells her that he “took away the suffering.” We then see Bonnie and Caroline argue.

A sheriff’s deputy arrives at the Grill and hears a girl calling for help. He finds the body of the boy.

Lexi orders tequila shots at the bar and uses her powers on the bartender when he asks for i.d. She also gets the drinks on the house. Lexi greets Elena and offers her one of the shots. They talk about Stefan and Lexi confesses that the love of her life was a human. Elena tells her that she’s scared and Lexi tells her that “when it’s real, you can’t walk away.” Elena smiles and tells Lexi that it was nice to meet her. Stefan thanks Lexi for talking to Elena.

Back at the scene of the dead boy, Sheriff Forbes tells the deputies to keep it contained and we see the girl on the ground crying. Sheriff Forbes asks her if she saw who did it. The girl nods.

Elena approaches Stefan at the pool table and tells him that she couldn’t miss his one hundred and whatever birthday.

A drunk Caroline approaches Matt, still visibly upset about what Damon said. Matt orders some coffee for her. She asks Matt if she’s shallow. He asks her if it’s a trick question and tells her that deep really isn’t her scene. Caroline starts crying and Matt offers to take her home. She’s too drunk to walk and he carries her out. In the parking lot, Sheriff Forbes sees Matt carrying her daughter. She asks if they’re serving minors in the Grill and then lets Matt take Caroline home. She tells the deputies not to let anyone else leave.

Lexi asks Damon why he is in Mystic Falls. He tells her, “I have a diabolical master plan,” but doesn’t share the details of the plan with her. Sheriff Forbes and her deputies appear in the Grill with the girl victim and ask her if she can i.d. the attacker. She points near Damon and Lexi. Sheriff Forbes approaches and injects Lexi with vervain, thanks Damon, and the deputies take Lexi from the Grill. Out in the parking lot, Lexi comes around and tosses the deputies from her sides. Sheriff Forbes draws her weapon and futilely opens fire on Lexi. Then Damon stakes her. Lexi asks him, “Why?” Damon responds that, “It’s part of the plan.” Elena and Stefan are around the corner and witness everything as Lexi dies. Damon asks Sheriff Forbes if she’s OK. Sheriff Forbes thanks Damon.

We then see Sheriff Forbes arresting the bartender in the Grill for serving minors. Sheriff Forbes and Damon talk about how handy he was with the stake and what a lucky break it was with the witness. Once again, Sheriff Forbes thanks him.

Matt takes Caroline home and carries her to her room and puts her to bed. Caroline tells him that she wishes her life were different and Matt tells her, “Me too.” She asks him not to leave her alone and he crawls into bed with her and she snuggles up to him.

Elena is chasing an enraged Stefan through the parking lot. Stefan is going to kill Damon for what he did to Vicki, Lexi, Zack, and Mr. Tanner. Elena tells him not to do it. Stefan asks her why she’s trying to save him and Elena tells him that she’s trying to save him – not Damon. She begs to no avail for Stefan to talk to her. He tells her that she was right to stay away from him.

We see Damon pouring a drink and Stefan appears behind him. Damon tells him, “I told you I’d take care of it.” Stefan attacks him and they fight. Damon tells him that he did it for them – to throw the town off their trail. Stefan stakes Damon in the gut and Damon tells him that he missed. Stefan tells him, “You saved my life. I’m sparing yours. We’re even.” Damon slumps to the floor and pulls out the stake while Stefan leaves.

The final scene is Bonnie having a nightmare, running through the woods at night. There are scenes cutting back to her lying in bed with her amulet appearing to do something on its own. In her dream, she sees someone in the woods when she falls down. Then she sees her ancestor who tells her, “It’s coming.” Bonnie wakes up in the woods at the old cemetery.

Holy crap! There were so many WTF moments in tonight’s episode and so many questions left unanswered! I’m honestly not surprised by Damon’s manipulation of the members of the Founders’ Council and throwing them off the trail, but the way that he threw another vampire under the bus really shocked me. How much more do you think there is to Damon’s “master plan” – or is there really a plan at all?

Why do you think that Stefan spared Damon’s life? Do you think that it was like Elena said – he wouldn’t be putting himself on Damon’s level; or do you think that he just couldn’t bring himself to kill his own brother?

What did you think about Bonnie’s dream? How in the heck did she end up in the cemetery? What do you think the “it” is?

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