Don’t ever forget to lock the door of the tomb when you leave!

A groggy Elena awakens in a motel room and sees Ben sleeping in a chair.  She tries to sneak out and is stopped by Ben who tries to compel her, unaware that she’s wearing vervain in her necklace.  She tries again to escape and is stopped by Anna.  Elena goes to the bathroom and finds Bonnie unconscious in the bathtub.

At the Salvatore house, Damon is reading the grimoire and Stefan tells him that Anna took Elena.  Stefan ponders whether there is still some of Damon’s blood in her body and Damon quips that he’ll get to see her again if she dies.  Stefan asks Damon what he knows and where to find Anna.  Damon won’t give him any information.  Stefan tells Damon that this all started because of him and that he’s sorry.  Damon accepts and Stefan continues to beg for information.  Damon tells him, “I hope Elena dies.”

Elena tends to Bonnie and as she comes to, Bonnie tells Elena that Ben is a vampire.  They discuss why they are there and Elena tells her that it’s because of the tomb and Emily’s spell book.  Confused, Bonnie asks about the spell book and Elena explains that they need a witch to open the tomb and let the vampires out.  Ben comes into the bathroom and Bonnie tells him that they are wasting their time because she won’t help.  Ben tells her that Elena is her motivation to help.  Ben takes Elena into the room with Anna who comments on how Elena really is Katherine’s doppelganger.  She makes a few snide comments about how the Salvatore boys must be “reeling” over her.  Elena asks Anna who she is and she mentions how she’s practically dating Jeremy.

Jeremy is at the grill, as are Matt and Tyler.  The topic of conversation is a big party being thrown in the woods near the old cemetery that night.  Caroline shows up and asks Jeremy where Elena is because she’s been texting her all day and she hasn’t responded.  Jeremy says that she went somewhere with Stefan and he hasn’t seen her.  They then talk about the party.  Caroline gives a prepared speech to Matt about their kiss and offers him an out if he doesn’t want to go any further with things.  He declines to take the out.

Damon goes to Bonnie’s house and her grandmother opens the door.  He asks to see Bonnie and she curtly tells him “never”.  She calls him out for knocking on the door of a Bennett witch and asking for anything.  Damon asks her what he did and she tells him that he is no friend to them.  She then tells him to get off of her porch.  He challenges her to step through the door and say it to him.  Damon grabs his head in pain and goes to his knees as Grams walks through the door onto the porch, telling him that she’s not Bonnie and he doesn’t want to mess with her.  She then goes back into her house.

Elena tells Anna that Bonnie won’t open the tomb and asks if she really wants Katherine out that badly.  Anna tells her that no one wants to see Katherine again except for Damon, the “love-struck idiot.”  Elena asks who she wants and Anna tells her that her mother is in the tomb and she blames Katherine and how she watched Jonathon Gilbert take her away.  Elena tells her that she’s sorry and Anna believes that she really is.  She picks up Elena’s phone and calls Stefan, telling him that Elena will not be harmed if he has the grimoire.  Stefan tells her that he can get it and Anna correctly surmises that Damon has it.  She tells him that she has the witch and he or Damon will meet her on the town square in 30 minutes to discuss working together.

Stefan looks at Damon and Damon tells him to grovel again.  Damon tells him, “I don’t care,” and walks off with a satisfied smirk.

As Anna leaves the motel, she reminds Ben that compulsion won’t work on them and that he will need to use violence if they try anything.  Elena asks if there is anything to drink.  Ben asks if she’s offering herself and then tells her that there’s water on the nightstand.  Bonnie asks Elena if she can have a sip and throws the water on Ben, setting his arm aflame.  The girls make a break for it, but Ben catches Elena.

Heading to the square, Anna runs into Jeremy.  Jeremy asks her where she went the night before and she tells him that she had to go and asked Elena to tell him.  He mentions that he hasn’t seen her all day.  Jeremy asks her to go to the big party with him and tells her that he likes her.  Anna agrees to meet him there.  Jeremy leaves and Anna goes to sit on a bench.  Damon shows up to meet her and reminds Anna that he likes to work alone.  She points out that she does, too.  She tells him that he is minus a witch and she’s minus a spell book.  Damon tells her that Stefan will go after her if she messes with Elena.  Anna makes a threat to kill her if she doesn’t get what she wants.  Damon asks her when she wants to do it.  She makes a crack about how the Salvatore brothers are pathetic for their women and tells him to meet her at the church at sundown.

Ben asks Bonnie if witches don’t have eternal life.  She tells him that it’s true.  Ben tells her, “That sucks.”  The door flies opens and it’s Stefan.  Sunlight pours into the room, frying Ben.  He dives for shade in the room while Elena and Bonnie flee.  Stefan tells him to leave at sundown or he will kill him.

Back at Grams’ house, Bonnie asks her how she knew where they were.  Grams tells her about how emotions can fuel a witch’s power.  Stefan came to her for help and she used a simple locator spell.  Bonnie tells her that she’s sorry and Grams tells her “not as sorry as they’re gonna be.”  Elena and Stefan enter the room and Elena asks what they will do now.  Stefan tells them to stay put because he can’t protect them if they leave and Grams refuses to be a prisoner in her own home.   She tells them that they’ll protect themselves.  Elena says that they need to let Damon have Katherine back.  Bonnie says that he doesn’t deserve to have her back.  Elena asks what other choice they have.  Grams says that she’ll open the tomb.  They can get Katherine but they have to destroy the rest with fire.

Anna arrives at the motel, finding the door wide open and Ben cowering in the shade.  He tells her that it was Stefan.  Anna is upset because she has no witch and decides that she will be there when Damon gets there.

Elena goes to Damon and tells him that she convinced Grams to help.  Damon doubts her.  She promises to help him get Katherine back.  Damon tells her that he wishes he could believe her.  She removes her necklace and tells him to ask if she’s lying.  He looks into her eyes and puts it back on her, telling her that he didn’t compel her in Atlanta because he was having fun.  He tells her that he will trust her and tells her not to make him regret it.

Damon and Elena arrive at the party in the woods and run into Matt and Caroline.  Caroline grabs Matt’s hand at their appearance.  Matt tries to introduce himself to Damon.  Damon shuns him and takes Elena with him to the tomb.

Stefan is in the graveyard with Bonnie and Grams, telling Grams that he’s completed the preparations for her as Elena and Damon arrive.

At the party, Tyler walks up to Jeremy and asks him for some weed.  Jeremy tells him that he doesn’t do that anymore and, if he did, he wouldn’t do it with him.  Tyler berates him, asking if he has any friends.  Jeremy has a pained look on his face as Tyler walks off and then Anna arrives.  They go for a walk.

In the tomb, Grams and Bonnie begin the spell.  Damon has a bag of blood in his jacket for Katherine.  Stefan tells Damon that he can’t wait to be rid of him.

Anna and Jeremy are near the cemetery and Jeremy tells her that the place makes him think of someone he knew and confides that he’s not sure what his “scene” is anymore.  He asks her if she’d like to be a part of his “non-scene”.  She tells him that she’d love to, but she’s leaving.  She and her mother are moving away.  They say goodbye and kiss.  Anna’s face changes and Jeremy notices before Ben knocks him out.  Anna tells Ben to grab Jeremy because she’s taking him to meet her mother.

Tyler walks up and steals Matt’s beer, asking where his date went.  Matt tells him that he’s not sure and comments on how he’s worried that she’s going to be clingy.  Caroline comes up and Tyler leaves.  Caroline gives him another speech about the hand-holding.  She tells him that it was really more to show Damon that she was with a good guy.

Grams and Bonnie begin the incantation, opening the door, and Stefan goes for the gasoline.  Damon asks Elena if she’s ready because he’s using her for leverage to make sure that Grams doesn’t close the door on him.  Stefan finds Ben with Jeremy.  Anna tells Stefan that she’s going in and that Ben will feed on Jeremy if he stops her.  Bonnie tries to stop Anna from going in, but Grams tells her to let her go.  She tells Bonnie that she won’t be coming out…none of them are.

Stefan tells Ben that Anna doesn’t care about him and he’s disposable.  Ben tells Stefan that he knows that he doesn’t feed and he’s not strong enough to beat him.  Ben charges him and Stefan thwarts him before hitting him with flame, killing him as promised.

Elena is looking for Damon in the tomb, seeing what appear to be corpses all around her.  She freaks out when one blinks at her with red eyes.  As she scrambles to get out, the beam of her flashlight lands on Anna.

Stefan returns to the tomb and asks Bonnie and Grams where Elena is.  They tell her that Damon took her in and he freaks out.  Grams stops Stefan from going into the tomb, telling him that if he goes in, he won’t come out because the spell didn’t remove the seal from the door.  It will let vampires in, but it won’t let them out.  She reminds him that she’ll protect her own and Elena can get out.

Anna taunts Elena and tells her that her boyfriend and Jonathon Gilbert were responsible for everything.  She tells Elena that she made her choice a long time ago that it would be Gilbert blood to bring her mother back to life and tells Elena how she had Jeremy all ready to go.  She grabs Elena and bites her wrist.  Elena screams and Stefan hears it and charges into the tomb after her.

Bonnie begs Grams to help her or she’ll do it alone.  Anna puts Elena’s wrist to Pearl’s mouth to feed.  Stefan orders Anna to let her go. Elena flees back out to Bonnie and Grams.  Pearl speaks to Anna.

Elena is out and Stefan is trapped behind the seal.  Damon discovers that Katherine isn’t in the tomb.  Bonnie and Grams begin an incantation and Anna and Pearl come out.  Anna tells Elena that Jeremy is OK and she won’t touch him.  Damon and Stefan argue inside.  Elena runs back in and pleads with him to go.  As the torches go out during the incantation, Elena, Damon, and Stefan emerge from the tomb.

Caroline tells Matt that she wants it to work between them.  Matt tells her that he doesn’t want to mess it up, either.

Elena and Stefan go to Jeremy and confirm that he’s OK.  Damon is heartbroken.  Elena goes to him and gives him a huge embrace to try to comfort him, telling him that she’s sorry as Stefan looks on.

Back at Grams’ house, Bonnie is concerned about how weary and tired Grams is.  Grams goes to lie down for a while.

Elena tends to Jeremy, asking how his head feels.  Jeremy tells her that he doesn’t remember anything and he didn’t drink that much.  She tells him that she’s going to Bonnie’s and she’ll be back soon, pointing out that Jenna is home.  After Elena leaves, Jeremy goes to his computer and types “vampires” in the search bar.

Anna and Pearl go into the motel room and are greeted by Damon.  Damon confronts Anna for knowing that Katherine wasn’t in the tomb.  Anna tells him that he wouldn’t have helped her otherwise.  Damon goes after Pearl, grabbing her around the neck.  Pearl tells him that there was a guard at the church who locked them in.  Katherine promised to turn him.  He was obsessed with her – he was under her spell just like everyone else.  Anna tells him that she last saw Katherine in Chicago in 1983.  She tells him that Katherine knew where he was, but she didn’t care to go see him.  Damon has a look of shock and hurt on his face as he leaves.

Elena is on the phone with Stefan, telling him that she’s at Bonnie’s.  She asks if Damon is OK.  Stefan tells her that he doesn’t know and he’ll call her later.  Damon is sitting and staring into the fireplace.  Stefan goes and sits in a chair next to him and no words are spoken between them.

Bonnie goes in to check on Grams as she sleeps, but Grams won’t wake and she isn’t breathing.  Bonnie begins crying and calls for Elena.  As Bonnie grabs the grimoire, crying that she’ll fix her, Elena calls 911.

Back in the tomb, a vampire is holding the remains of the bag of blood that Damon smashed against the wall.  He gets up and opens the door, walking out of the tomb.

I totally did not expect the turn of events with Grams in this episode!  I really hope that it’s not too late for her because I love her character.

I really hope that they do something bigger with Matt, Caroline, and Tyler in future episodes because their storyline is just so boring to me at this point.

I felt so bad for Damon.  All along, he’s been told of how selfish Katherine was and now he learns that she’s been “alive” and free all this time and she never went to him, knowing where he was.

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