There’s quite a bit of Vampire Diaries news today (and a new episode tonight woot).

Dobrev thanks fans for ‘Diaries’ order

Nina Dobrev has credited fans for The CW’s recent order of more episodes of Vampire Diaries.

The back nine pickup for the teen drama came after it set records as the best-rated series premiere ever on The CW last month.

Writing on her Twitter account, Dobrev – Elena Gilbert on the show – said: “The Vampire Diaries has officially been picked up for the full season! Here’s to continued success and congrats to my castmates! <3 u all!”

She continued: “A shout out and BIG THANKS for the support from all the viewers, we’re nothing without the fans, so thank you and keep watching!!!!!!”


Promo Photos & Synopsis – The Vampire Diaries 1.08 “162 Candles”


On his birthday, Stefan (Paul Wesley) is surprised by a visit from Lexi, (guest star Arielle Kebble, “Gilmore Girls”), one of his oldest friends.

Still upset by the events at the Halloween haunted house, Elena (Nina Dobrev) does her best to stay away from Stefan, but Lexi gives her some unsolicited relationship advice.

Elena and Jenna (Sara Canning) are surprised by a change in Jeremy’s (Steven R. McQueen) behavior. At Damon’s (Ian Somerhalder) insistence, Caroline (Candice Accola) tries to get his medallion back from Bonnie (Katerina Graham).

Finally, Damon’s offer to help Sheriff Forbes (guest star Marguerite MacIntyre) has sudden and tragic results. Zach Roerig also stars.

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Paul Wesley Analyzes His ‘Vampire Diaries’ Character Traits

“I don’t think I am a good vampire,” Paul Wesley, who plays Stefan, told MTV News. “I think Damon is a sociopath. I don’t think Ian [Somerhalder] is going to see his character that way. Damon is completely oblivious.”

Wesley thinks that Damon just really loves being a bloodsucker. “He’s consumed in being a vampire and power and he really believes that feeding on humans … it’s just as simple and natural as breathing. He doesn’t understand,” he said. “There’s no guilt, which is fascinating.”

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Vampire Diaries and Twilight Saga: Comparing the Two

If you are like me, reading the Twilight Saga, written by Stephenie Meyer, fueled your obsession for vampires, impossible love, and beautiful unattainable people. Well, I have read the series four times, own three different copies of the Twilight movie, and scour the Internet daily for news of New Moon. So, what to do while I wait? The easy answer is The CW’s Vampire Diaries airing on Thursdays.

As I was reading about the new series and anticipating the first episode I began to see the similarities. Now that I have watched the first six episodes, I am hooked and while there are still many similarities, Vampire Diaries does have enough differences that I cannot wait for Thursdays to see the next episode! Here are just a few of the basic similarities and differences..

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I had no idea that Paul Wesley had originally auditioned for the role of Damon. I’m glad he didn’t get it because I love him as Stefan and Ian Somerhalder kicks ass as Damon.

I love the breakdown and comparison of Twilight and The Vampire Diaries. The same thing happened to me. After Twilight, I was at loose ends and needing my fix. True Blood helped for a while but now I am 100% addicted to Vampire Diaries. LOVE IT!

Do you think Paul Wesley should have been cast as Damon or do you feel they got it right as is? And how did you come to like the Vampire Diaries? Did Twilight get you interested enough to check it out?