‘Vampire Diaries’: Producer Julie Plec on Katherine’s whereabouts, Damon’s devastation, Grams’ death

Julie, however, gave us the tease we were looking for (which will have us tuning in every Thursday from March 25th ’til forever): “Katherine is not only alive, but she is off and harlot-ing it up somewhere. Last seen in Chicago, she’s probably in Bora Bora right now. She’s kind of a little slut if you think about it.”

Plec promised a lot more of Nina Dobrev onscreen as the naughty Katherine.

Meanwhile, Stefan and Elena’s relationship will hit a serious bump in the road, which won’t go unnoticed by Damon. “[It is] a nearly relationship-ending rough patch that they’re both going to have to fight their way back from,” says Plec. “And of course there’s Damon — mourning the loss of his evil, naughty minx Katherine who doesn’t give a damn about him — right there, maybe realizing that he’s got some feelings for Elena too.”

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Revealing a hint about the March 25 episode, the producers said the tension between Damon and Alaric reaches its climax when Damon’s involvement in Isobel’s death is unveiled. Apart from the guest starring appearance of Melinda Clarke as Matt’s mother, there will be two new mysterious characters introduced in the episode.

Williamson said he’s preparing seven to nine cliffhangers to make sure the show will end the first season with a bang. Paul Wesley said his character Stefan will reveal more layers since he harbors another secret. A new device that goes beyond the vampire compass will also be featured in a future episode.

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We have just been given a lot of information. I’m glad though because I’ve been somewhat disappointed in Vamp Diaries lately. I love the first slew of episodes but when the show came back, it’s been kind of annoying to try and follow all the different storylines. I hope they come back around to where they started and it sounds like they just might.

That picture of Damon and Melinda is smoking hot! I think I’m sweating lol.

What do you think of all the new information? What are you most looking forward to that is mentioned above?