The Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev gets Seventeen cover

“The first time Paul [Wesley] and I met, I met nine other guys as well because I had already been cast and they were deciding for the Stefan role. I had to read with like 30 studio executives, and they were just kind of watching and analyzing because that was the whole point of the test…they wanted to see who had the best chemistry. And everyone was great, but Paul had this old soul, like a history that you could feel…he seemed like he’d been around longer, and knew more, and he had a grasp for the character different from anyone else.”

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‘Vampire Diaries’ Star Nina Dobrev Says She Won’t Date Costars, Relates To Bella Swan In Seventeen

Now that she gets to hang out with Paul and his onscreen bro Ian Somerhalder all the time, Nina must have some juice on them, right? “They’re both really great in different kinds of ways.” Um, tell us something we don’t know! “Paul definitely takes his job very seriously He’s very professional. Ian’s the prankster, the jokester. He makes light of every moment, and he’s very exciting and cool. He has the best stories, because he has just experienced so much, and he’s been on so many cool sets and movies. We love each other’s company.”

With such a charmed life, it’s hard to imagine Nina ever went through a rough patch. But she admits her high school days were no easy ride. “Looking back on high school, I just remember specific scenarios and thinking, wow, that was such a big deal at the time, but right now it feels like it never even happened. So I guess if I can give any advice, I would just say that everything will pass, and it’ll feel like it was a big deal over nothing. Life goes on and then you change and other things happen, and everything feels like it’s so much worse afterward. It’ll always get better.”

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I think Nina is freaking adorable. She seems very humble, down to earth and just plain nice, which I think is rare.

What do you think of her Seventeen cover, pics, video and interview? Do you relate to anything she said?