New Vampire Diaries trilogy is in the works

The new trilogy will begin with the book Phantom. There is currently no information as to publication dates for the books, their plot lines or even the time and place of their settings. Those unfamiliar with the books may be surprised to learn that Phantom will begin the third trilogy of the Vampire Diaries saga.

The original trilogy, consisting of The Awakening, The Struggle and The Fury, was released in 1991. After finishing the third book, many fans began to pressure L.J. Smith to write a fourth book. She released The Dark Reunion in 1992. On a personal note, without The Dark Reunion, I would probably have given up on the book series and never read another word of it. If you haven’t read the series yet and The Fury leaves you, well, furious, you are not alone. The Dark Reunion makes up for it.

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‘Vampire Diaries’ stars sink teeth into questions

What is it about the vampire lifestyle that’s so attractive? Inquiring minds, also known as “Vampire Diaries” stars Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev, want to know.

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I agree with the first article, there were a couple of the Vampire Diaries books that I just gave up on. They went way out in left field and lost me along the way. Hopefully, LJ Smith will come back with a new twist. Did you like all of the Vampire Diaries books?