‘Vampire Diaries’ finale scoop: ‘We’re telling the audience that when we hit season 3, there’s gonna be a lot of things changing’

• The April 28 episode is called “The Last Day,” because it takes place in the hours leading up to the full moon, which means it could be Elena’s (Nina Dobrev) last day alive.

• The May 5 episode picks up as day turns to night and, with the exception of the very end, takes place entirely on the evening of the full moon. “The loss of life is significant and very, very, very tragic,” exec producer Julie Plec teases.

• The sacrifice ritual gets us to that ending, but there’s still more story to tell. If the sacrifice is the mythology resolution, the finale is the emotional resolution.” The May 12 finale, “As I Lay Dying,” is centered around another event. “Damon [Ian Somerhalder], who is desperately seeking forgiveness from Elena for something that he has done.”


Wow, it’s been intense since the series came back this month, but it sounds like the episodes leading up to the finale continue to be explosive. What do you think will happen based on the hints we’re getting?

The Vampire Diaries Round Table: “Klaus”

Did Klaus’ back story and mythology live up to the hype?

Steve: Somehow it did. The real power of Klaus, or at least his potential power, and his reason for wanting to break the actual curse make the sun/moon thing look trivial. He’s basically so dangerous even Elijah wants him gone.

Nick: Absolutely. The fact that Elijah is Klaus’ brother and not a henchman like I thought he was makes the hype even better. I also loved the parallels between Klaus and Elijah and Damon and Stefan. It serves as a great reminder just how at odds Stefan and Damon truly were in the beginning of the show and something that can come back to the surface later.

Carissa: Well, that’s hard to judge, but I was certainly surprised he and Elijah were brothers and that he is both a vampire and a werewolf. I really enjoyed the flashes to the past with Elijah and Klaus. For some reason I had no idea Katherine was the original doppelganger and that she was around since the 1400s. Who was her Katherine (who’d she dopplegang)?

How do you think the Originals came about – and will we one day meet any of Elijah and Klaus’ siblings?

Steve: The revelation that they’re two of seven children was great planning on the writers’ part. As was leaving the history of how they became originals open-ended. So much storytelling potential for future seasons. How the first vampires came to be is impossible to even guess, though, because they’ve changed the game so much that nothing is off the table.

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I’ve been wondered where the rest of the family might be. That threat handing over Mystic Falls creates great suspense. What do you think?

CW Renews ‘Vampire Diaries’ for Third Season

Good news!!! I’m relieved because with season 2, I’ve become addicted. The twists and turns just keep getting better.

‘Vampire Diaries’ Actress Dawn Olivieri On Whether Elena Will Be Jealous Of Andie-Damon Relationship

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