See the clip here.

Episode Synopsis. Airs April 7th.

Elena and Alaric both lash out at John when Isobel’s unexpected arrival leaves Jenna devastated. Bonnie works with Damon and Jeremy to find the spell they’ll need to harness her ancestors’ power. A heartbroken Caroline doesn’t know what to do about Matt. Stefan and Damon realize they have a new secret weapon.


It’s a very short clip but almost every character is screaming about something or other. I love Elena’s nasty response to Isobel which she totally deserves. And hell yeah, John gets punched. He is always bad news.

I feel bad for Jenna, meeting Isobel and realizing Alaric lied is going to break her heart. I was hoping she and Ric would work things out. He is such a nice guy but he should have just told her the truth.

Katherine and Isobel together, not a good idea. As Katherine said it’s a game changer. I wonder what they have up their sleeves?

I am dying to see Klaus. Until we see him and his capabilities, we have no idea what they’re up against.

I wonder what secret weapon Damon and Stefan find.

I hate the mini-breaks in the Vampire Diaries season. Just come back already. LOL

What do you think of the clip?