by Venkman on

‘Valhalla Rising’ looks like it’s going to be a great movie! We don’t get many Viking movies these days, so it nice when one comes along that has the potential to blow us away.

Mute slave Harald escapes his Scottish masters with the help of 10 year old Are, torturing and killing them before joining a band of dispossessed Vikings. They go to sea, determined to return to Scandinavia to fight the spread of Christianity, but for Harald the journey is also a personal one to discover his own origins. Caught in a terrible storm, the group drift for 40 days until they find themselves in a freshwater river.

The land seems at once strange yet familiar. Have they finally reached the new world, or Valhalla?
As the enemy reveal themselves, Harald realises he has finally found his identity but at too high a price. As Are’s life is threatened, Harald is faced with an impossible choice; save the boy or save his soul.


I think I have to watch this movie – and I hope it’ll be published not only in Denmark. Are you also excited to see it? Do you also think it’s one of those tough, hardcore, bad-ass movies that we all love to watch?