Mindspace Investigation, Book #4

By Alex Hughes

ISBN#  9780451466945

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vacantAdam’s mind injury has finally healed! But when a night out with Cherabino turns bad, she is accused of police brutality and Adam’s boss at the police station doesn’t want to see him either, thinking that Adam is a bad influence on Cherabino.

Adam has been plagued with a vision of a child dying because of his inability to save him.  So when the FBI calls for him to work on that very boy’s case, he can’t say no.  This is his only chance to change the outcome of that vision!  Unfortunately that means leaving Cherabino when she needs him the most.

I really wanted to like this book, but I find this series to always be a bit of a struggle.  Something about it always makes it difficult to hold my interest.  I can put the books down to easily, and this book was no different.  It was a slow read, with me only managing a chapter or so at a time.  It really seemed to drag out.

They storyline was okay, with Adam minding for a young 10 year old, and Adam teaching him how to use his own undiscovered telepathy along the way.  Adam is once again faced with old enemies that he must defeat to save young Tommy’s life.  The case itself risking his relationship with Cherabino as he is unable to be in two places at once.

I found Adam’s repetitive thoughts of needing his drug, cigarettes, and Cherabino to be insanely annoying!

I think the romance between the duo is what was making this series better for me and the lack of that relationship in this series was a major blow to my enjoyment.  And, now with that relationship in jeopardy I don’t know what it will mean for the remainder of the series.  I’m sure they will eventually overcome their problems, but as long as it took them to get together to being with, I’m just not sure I have the patience.

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