OBS RECAP & REVIEW: V – S1:E4  “It’s Only the Beginning” – brought to you by OBS contributor Rose


This episode starts off with quite a bang. We witness a flash forward in time and see Ryan running through what looks like a parking garage, while Erica rounds a corner in the same garage and sees Georgie laying on the ground. She kneels to him and Ryan approaches them with his gun drawn and fires at Erica. The scene ends.

Flashback to fourteen hours earlier, to where the last episode leaves off. Ryan, Georgie Father Jack and Erica are at the church.  Georgie is in the process of explaining his history with the visitors; how they came after him when the V’s first found out about him and his entire family ended up getting killed. Erica asks Ryan how he knows so much about the V’s and he tells her he has been tracking the V’s as long as Georgie has.

Georgie suggests that they should get a Visitor and cut him open and show the world what they really are, but Ryan disagrees telling them that would give the V’s no choice but to retaliate and wipe out the human race. Father Jack suggests they come up with a better solution as Erica interrupts him and poses her question to Ryan once again asking him how he knows so much about the V’s. Georgie comes to Ryan’s defense and tells Erica she has nothing to worry about, Ryan saved his life at the warehouse and if it weren’t for him he’d be dead. This still doesn’t sit too well with Erica.

What did you think of the series finale ending?

Questions for Consideration:

How will Ryan handle the situation with Val?  Do you think he will tell her that he is a V now that she is pregnant?

Are all those ships coming to Earth? Why do you think they are fleeing their planet?

What do you think Anna has in store for Tyler? Why did they choose him?

Will Father Jack be saved?

If the V’s do not want to kill off the human race, then what exactly is their purpose on earth?

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