OBS staff member Rose has brought us our weekly R&R of ‘V’

Season 1 Episode 3: A Bright New Day


This week Anna and other chosen Visitors gain their Visa’s to roam freely in the U.S., New York in particular. Chad is reporting live from the Peace Ambassador Center in the city, where Anna is the first to gain entry along with Lisa and many others.  As Anna shows her Visa to the journalists, Chad’s co-worker tells Chad he had a hand in making this happen.  As he nods in humble agreement, he eyes Anna going up in an elevator, as she stares down at him with a blank look.

Father Jack has his hands full with many New York citizens whose faith is being testing by the V’s arrival and are pouring into his church for confession.  He is visibly distraught on how to answer all their questions while in the confessional.

Ryan walks Val to work, on the premise he’s keeping her safe considering all the hoopla surrounding the V’s entry on earth. He uses that as an opportunity to meets up with Georgie to discuss a game plan to form a resistance.  Ryan tells Georgie that the Fifth Column, the first uprising of V’s against their own kind, which was helmed by John May, can rise again.

Erica is buried in paperwork trying to sort out possible citizens that would join the resistance from the list she took form FBI, when Father Jack pays a visit.  She is called away to go downtown to the Peace Ambassadors building and he stays behind at her house to help her with the list.

On the New York mother ship, Dale, Erica’s now former partner, has regained consciousness. Anna’s number two, Joshua, is speaking with a minion about his temporary amnesia and how they need to find out if his cover has been blown. We learn that he has been undercover as a sleeper cell on earth for 20 years. The minion visits with Dale telling him he has been stabbed and he has post-traumatic memory loss. Dale urges him to help find out who tried to kill him.

Chad Decker is once again on the news reporting about a protestor named Marie Faulkner, whose husband’s F-16 fighter plane went down the day the V’s arrived and perished, has been on a hunger strike for almost a week. Anna is watching the broadcast, when Joshua arrives to tell her the FBI is on the way. Anna asks him to get as much information as he can on Marie Faulkner, with the intention of stopping her from allowing the protest movement to grow.

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Well, this episode had more action than last and a lot more story arcs were introduced. And whoa, what about those twists! The surprise revelation that the V helping Dale to recall his memory was actually a traitor to his own kind and Lisa is Anna’s daughter. I did not see either one coming. When Anna walked away from Lisa at the end, it did look like there was hint of unsureness on Lisa’s face.  Aw, the little fake blonde alien girl might actually be starting to like poor Tyler.

It was way too convenient that the voice of the anti-V movement, Marie, would so easily and quickly be converted into a V believer. I don’t care how much one apologizes it’s not believable. On that believability note, Erica really needs to let her son know why he shouldn’t ‘hang out’ with the Visitors. Knowing what she does, I can’t see a mother withholding that kind of information, especially one who is an FBI agent.

Just when the series starts picking up the pace and showing much promise, there is only one more episode left this year. I hate when they do that! I truly enjoyed tonight’s episode, did you?