OBS staff member Rose has brought us our weekly R&R of ‘V’

Season 1 Episode 2: There Is No Normal Anymore

And there sure isn’t…

Erica and Father Jack sitting by the river, discussing the need to start a resistance, as a spaceship flies overhead to the building where the secret meeting was held. Erica realizes they are cleaning up after the raid.  Father Jack goes to make a phone call to the police on his cell phone but Erica maintains it must be anonymous.  She calls the police from a pay phone.  The aliens have intercepted the call and try to keep her on the phone. Father Jack notices one of the sphere probes above them and tells Erica to hang up her call.  The probe begins to follow them as they try to get away and Erica destroys it. Erica tells Father Jack her partner of seven years is a visitor and that anyone could be one. She informs Jack to go home while she figures out how what to do for they have to be discreet and tells him not to trust anyone.

Back at her house, Erica runs upstairs to check on Tyler and hears a crash. It turns out to be Tyler who when asked, lies about where he was all night.  She tells him it is important not to have anything to have contact with the visitors and makes him promise he will not. When Tyler reaches his room, it an entirely different story.  He takes out and hides his V uniform under his mattress.

At the church, Father Jack walks in to find his superior watching a news story on how the Visitors will be gaining full border access to the United States as early as that day. He tells Father Jack this is a good thing while Jack stares in astonishment. Jack is informed that the police came by the church to look for him in regards to the man that was stabbed the other day and they would return to question him.

When Erica is done taking a shower, she pulls back the shower curtain to reveal her partner, Dale, holding Tyler at gunpoint.

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This episode immediately dove right into the fact that the V’s are up to no good and finally Scott Wolf showed some character with a few more smirks and smiles than he did in the last episode.

It will be interesting to see how the dynamics play out between Tyler and his mother the deeper Tyler gets involved with the V’s.

As informative as this episode was, it wasn’t too griping, only a lot of talking and not much action. With only two episodes left,  it better pick up the pace or else we might not see this series come back next year.