‘V’ – Pilot Episode Recap & Review by OBS contributor Rose

Get ready for a long recap.  A lot happened in this pilot episode as it needed to introduce most of the main characters and set up the entire storyline.


It’s 6:30 AM; the world is waking up to a new day.  We cut away to different characters with small snippets of them as they awake to this day.

Erica Evans, an FBI agent wakes to a slight shake in the house and to find her son, Tyler, not home and immediately phones him, finding out he is in the hospital, after a rambunctious night out with his best friend, Brandon.

At a local church in the city, Father Jack Landry feels a tremor.

Ryan Nichols, took the opportunity to slip out early to head to the jewelers to purchase an engagement ring for his fiancé, Val, while he feels a tremor at the store.

The tremors turn to what feels like an earthquake.

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