4 star rating
Unraveled Visions
Shaman Mystery, Book 2
By Nina Milton
ISBN# 9780738740058

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unraveled-visions-shaman-mystery-nina-miltonUnraveled Visions by Nina Milton is the second book in the Shaman Mystery series.  The book introduces three mysteries needing to be solved by Sabbie Dare, a Shamanic counselor.

Sabbie must try to unravel the mystery of the killing of a police detective, who she had seen running at the Bridgewater Carnival she was at.  She finds out the next day that Detective Abbott was killed after she had seen him running after someone at the Carnival.  She really does not like the detective because she has had run-ins with him in the past.  But she does not wish him dead.

That night at the Carnival she receives an unwelcome palm reading from a young gypsy named Kizzy.  She does not think much of it but a while later Kizzy’s younger sister, Mirela, finds Sabbie and tells Sabbie that her sister is missing since the night of the Carnival.  Mirela begs Sabbie for her help in finding her sister.  This is mystery number two.

Mystery number three revolves around a troubled neighbor, Drea,  who had visited Sabbie and received a reading from her.  Sabbie got the impression that the neighbor is not only troubled but  may also be pregnant.  She has witnessed interactions between Drea and her husband and does not think highly of the husband. Sabbie finds out that Drea is missing too.

Sabbie has her work cut out for her trying to solve these three mysteries.  She will have to use all her Shamanic powers to find answers and stay safe.  She will need the help of her Spirit Guide Trendle the otter.  It won’t be easy because every time she takes a ‘spiritual journey” she takes the risk of not being able to return to this world.  Her “journeys” take a toll on her both physically and mentally.

I have never read a book about Shaman practices and I found this fascinating.  The descriptions seemed very authentic and realistic and I believe that the author either did very thorough research or has personal knowledge of these practices.  While reading about the different  “spiritual journeys” I felt like I was right there witnessing everything that was happening.  There was so much detail about what Sabbie was seeing and feeling and fearing during these “journeys”.  The Shamanic angle made this book more than just a mystery and I really liked that.

The writing style is fast paced and very descriptive, pulling me in throughout the story.  There are many twists and turns and things that I did not see coming, which was refreshing.  The ending is surprising but plausible which only added to the story.  The dialogue is British and there were many sayings that I did not understand.  This disrupted the flow of the book and I found it distracting.  I found myself having to stop and try to figure out what the meaning was before I could keep reading.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well crafted mystery.  I would also recommend it to anyone who has an interest in Shamanic practices and the Spirit World.  You will enjoy reading about the “journeys” and the Spirit World.

*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*