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No Werewolf film is complete without “the transformation” scene. You know the drill. Fangs jutting through lips, clothes spontaneously shredding and a whole mess of grizzly, matted fur suddenly appearing out of nowhere. Such are the ways that humans turn into wolves.
After more than 90 years since the first werewolves of silent film, the good ole fashioned lycanthropic metamorphosis has become a cinematic art from.
1. American Werewolf In London – 1981
The Flick: Arguably the best werewolf film ever made. Moves seamlessly between comedy and horror, while managing to stick with you long after the closing credits.
The Scene: THE Transformation. The one in which all others must be compared. Sam Cooke’s “Blue Moon” in the background just adds a classic touch. Sure you’ve seen it a zillion times. Shut up and watch it again.

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What do you think of these transformations? Is there any other that you would have liked to see on the list?