Title: Undercover Bromance

Series: Bromance Book Club

By:  Lyssa Kay Adams

ISBN: 1984806114 (ISBN13: 9781984806116)

Author’s Website:  http://www.lyssakayadams.com

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Note: Some spoilers – sorry – could not help myself! They were too funny not to share.


Braden Mack thinks reading romance novels makes him an expert in love, but he’ll soon discover that real life is better than fiction.

Liv Papandreas has a dream job as a sous chef at Nashville’s hottest restaurant. Too bad the celebrity chef owner is less than charming behind kitchen doors. After she catches him harassing a young hostess, she confronts him and gets fired. Liv vows revenge, but she’ll need assistance to take on the powerful chef.

Unfortunately, that means turning to Braden Mack. When Liv’s blackballed from the restaurant scene, the charismatic nightclub entrepreneur offers to help expose her ex-boss, but she is suspicious of his motives. He’ll need to call in reinforcements: The Bromance Book Club.

Inspired by the romantic suspense novel they’re reading; the book club assist Liv in setting up a sting operation to take down the chef. But they’re just as eager to help Mack figure out the way to Liv’s heart… even while she’s determined to squelch the sparks between them before she gets burned. (Goodreads)


Undercover Bromance is the second book in the new series Bromance Book Club by Lyssa Kay Adams. I must say I am pleasantly surprised at how much I am enjoying this series. As a voracious reader, I was drawn in by the men’s book club and the thought that these men could actually take romantic advice from the novels they were reading. I encountered witty, humourous and engaging writing which kept me entertained throughout the story.

We begin the story with the members of The Bromance Book Club visiting a bookstore.  What ensues set me up and essentially guaranteed I would enjoy the book (or at least I had hoped):

“Who cares if we’re recognized?” said Malcom, another famous face….”We spend a lot of time talking about the unfairness of how our toxic masculine society forces us to be ashamed of embracing romance novels. Yet we buy our books in secret. It’s time we practice what we preach.”

This story is a bit different from book 1 – The Bromance Book Club – the first book was about challenges with an established couple – Gavin and Thea whereas in book 2 – Undercover Bromance – it involves a budding relationship between Braden Mack and Liv Papandreas (Thea’s sister) but it is also about how the bookclub members help Liv with an unpleasant situation occurring at her now “previous” place of employment. 

A situation arose (Live made a REALLY expensive dessert and then when presenting it – dropped it into the customer’s lap – FYI – the customer was Mack and his date), thus Liv ended up out of a job. This whole scene was quite funny. 

Another scene in this love story that had me chuckling was when Mack ran into Randy (a rooster) while visiting Liv, and then the ensuing scene where Mack collects eggs – SO chuckle worthy:

Randy flew from his perch and ran straight for Mack, feathers fluffed and wings flapping. Mack hopped on one foot and then the other to avoid the attach. “What’s wrong with this thing?” “Roosters are assholes.”

Still on the lighter side of things – I love The Russian – and here is why (but you will need to read the story to find out the details of the why):

“The Russian could identify the best public bathrooms in every major city in the United States. If he ever retired from hockey, he could create an app ranking them and make more money that he ever did as a player.”

Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot on content that is serious and heavy – the whole story line about Liv’s previous boss taking advantage of his female employees. Must say – loved how the Bromance crew assisted Liv with getting this horrid issue taken care of.  

And the budding romance between Liv and Mack was a romantics dream come true…slow and steady…watching the embers of love simmer and eventually…well… many ups and downs and I shall leave it to the next reader to experience this journey for themselves along with Mack and Liv.

I will happily continue on with this series with Crazy Stupid Bromance, book three of the Bromance Book Club series.

*OBS would like to thank the author for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*