Under the Surface

Alpha Ops, Book #4

By Anne Calhoun

ISBN# 9781250084606

Author’s Website:  http://www.annecalhoun.com/

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

under-the-surface-alpha-ops-anne-calhounEve Webber has poured everything she has into her club, Eye Candy.  It’s in a bad area of town, which she hopes to see revitalized soon.  Opening and running her club goes against everything her parents want for her, as her dad is a preacher of all things!  Now she’s been asked to help launder money for a family friend’s drug dealing.  She immediately went to the police and has agreed to work with them to catch Lyle.  She’s going to go along with Lyle’s plan until they have enough evidence to shut him and his drugs down once and for all.  However, she didn’t expect one of the Strykers to be at the police station (being booked) at the time she came in.  Now her life is in danger and she doesn’t even know it.  Detective Matt Dorchester has been placed undercover at Eye Candy, posing as a new bartender, to protect Eve without her knowledge.  But Matt never expected to want what he can never have, Eve!

I found that this book had an incredibly slow and tedious start.  It didn’t get remotely interesting until Matt (or should I say Chad?) and Eve finally started to give in to their feelings for one another, and Eve discovered what Matt has been hiding; his true identity.

I liked Matt.  Even undercover he has his own code of ethics and didn’t want to give in to Eve’s advances with her not knowing who or what he really is.  Even if being her lover would have made getting information from her and keeping her safe easier.  He has a lot on his shoulders as it is with raising his younger brother, Luke, and trying to live up to his father’s expectations by not allowing himself to feel emotions.  However, everything changes once he walks into Eve’s world.

Eve was a strong female lead who doesn’t back down from anything or anyone.  It would have been much easier for her to go along with Lyle’s plan, but she wanted to rid her neighborhood of drugs and crime.  A noble effort that could cost her her own life!

As I already stated, the book had a very slow start, but it does improve it the later portion.  I found the end to be kind of sweet, actually and we see Matt finally let go of his iron-willed control and to finally just be himself!

“Shitstorms happen. It’s what you do after the storm ends that matters.”

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