Lora Leigh Releases a Snippet from ” Ultimate Sins


By OBS reviewer Heidi

I don’t know about you, my fellow readers, but I have been dying for more of Lora Leigh’s Callahans series!  I’m so pumped to finally start seeing proof that book 4 is on it’s way!!  Ultimate Sins is due out in September, and I don’t have a book cover for you (so I’m using the cover of my favorite so far in the series, Deadly Sins, for this post!) and I don’t have a synopsis either (Crowe’s book?  Please!!)  … but I do have this snippet that Leigh recently released on her Facebook page!  Enjoy:)

“Oh baby, I thought you knew me better than that,” he drawled, allowing his lashes to drift partially over his gaze to hide the full effect of his intentions.

“I know you as well as I need to know you.” She tossed her head like a feisty little mare.

Well hell, that was okay, because he was just the stud for her.

He smiled. A slow, easy curve of his lips as he turned and walked back to the wide double doors leading to the foyer. 

And closed them before deliberately sliding the lock in place.

“Ya know, sugar elf,” he breathed out deliberate relish as he turned back to her. “You’re getting ready to know me a whole lot better.”