4 star rating
Ultimate Sins
The Callahans, Book #4
By Lora Leigh
ISBN#  9780312389109
Author’s Website:  http://www.loraleigh.com/

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ultimate-sins-the-callahans-lora-leighWords cannot express just how sad I am that this is the final installment of the Callahans series!  I just love the cousins and this series more than I ever thought possible and I will miss reading about Rafe, Logan, and Crowe, and all the characters we’ve met along the way.

After years of being afraid, to get involved with anyone because they didn’t want to cause their death at the hands of the Slasher, The Callahan cousins finally know who the Slasher is, Wayne Sorenson.  But he has yet to be caught.  And, Crowe is ready to draw him out and end things once and for all.  Even if it means using the woman he loves as bait!

It’s been seven long years since Crowe left Amelia, every day a torture without his ‘fairy girl’, if he had only known it was her father, Wayne, that was killing those innocent women all along.  He wouldn’t have left her if only he had known who the killer was, or the tortures she would endure after he left.

But now Crowe is back and he’s ready to end Wayne once and for all by any means necessary and he will never leave Amelia again.  Ever.

Amelia has had to learn to hide her feelings, or even turn them off completely, as a way to survive.  But now Crowe is back and igniting all her passions once again, even if she doesn’t want him to.  She knows this can only end in disaster.  Once Crowe finally kills Wayne, he will walk away again, and this time she may not survive.  And when he learns of her secrets, she’ll lose him forever.

“Wait!” Her palm flattened against the perspiration-damp flesh of his abs.


“Wait?” For what? Interruptions? Explosions?


Fuck, he’d kill the son of a bitch stupid enough to wake him. Stupid enough to disturb him. He’d kill.


“I want you.” Honest-to-God chill bumps raced up his fucking spine at the huskily whispered words.


“Then let me give you, me,”

 I loved this book.  I still had my problems with Leigh’s male leads and their cocky dominance, solving everything with sex, whether the girl in question wants it or not.  But the story more than makes up for that!  I would have liked to have seen Crowe romance Amelia a bit, but I guess it’s just not his way!

The horrors of what Amelia went through after Crowe had left was heartbreaking, and it’s hard to believe that anybody would have been willing to stay, no matter how badly they wanted to save the man they love.  But Amelia stuck it out to protect Crowe and he’s devastated to learn all that she endured that he could have stopped if he had been there.  And even more crushed at what he has lost out on in the past seven years.

“You are mine! Mine by God, and no one but no one will hurt, abuse, or dare to fucking harm what’s mine, ever again.”

The book really kicked into high gear once Amelia’s secrets were finally revealed!  One of them was easy to guess, but was so much fun to watch unfold.  I loved seeing Crowe’s reaction, although he could have handled things better in the days after all was revealed!

And there are so many quotes that I want to include in this review, but most would give some major spoilers away so I will have to refrain!  But I still managed plenty as you can see!

I really loved the moments Crowe remembered of him as a kid with his dad.  Crowe was just such a cute stinking kid!  Well at least in his memories of himself!

“Remember that, Crowe. Monsters walk on two legs, and they’re crafty. They’re real good at fooling even the smartest of men. Don’t forget that. Because sometimes, you don’t realize monsters are stalking you until it’s too late. It’s far better to be smart, to be safe, and to watch for monsters in everyone you know.”


“Even Logan and Rafe?” he whispered, suddenly wondering if somehow his cousins were monsters.


He couldn’t hurt his little cousins. He’d promised Dad he’d always watch out for them, and for his baby sister. What was he supposed to do if one of them was a monster?


His father gave him one of those small, man-to-man smiles Crowe always tried to get.


“Well, maybe not Logan and Rafe,” his father amended. “It’s hard to imagine a Callahan as a monster, don’t you think?”


Crowe nodded quickly. “They’re just dumb kids sometimes,” he sighed. “But I make sure to tell them when they’re dumb so they’ll get smart.”


I also got to see my Logan again!  He has always been my favorite Callahan cousin and I really like seeing his paternal side!

“I’d rather watch SpongeBob with with Kimmy than talk to you. At least that stupid yellow sponge tries to make sense.”

This book is great and one that will definitely be read again!  I’m just so incredibly sad the series is over.  I expected more recap of all the cousins’ future lives, but that didn’t come so I will have to leave it all up to my imagination!

“Must be something in the water,” he drawled, directing a subtle wink to her as Crowe’s glare deepened.


“There is. Usually the body of the last moron that pissed me off.”

I hope Leigh starts another series that can captivate me as much as this one has!  And if these guys could make some cameo appearances in other series, I’d love her forever!

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