Tying the Knot

A Southern Quilting Mystery #5

By Elizabeth Craig

ISBN# 9780451469519

Author’s Website: http://elizabethspanncraig.com/

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Wedding bells are ringing in Dappled Hills, North Carolina.  But when the festivities take an unexpected turn, quilter Beatrice Coleman must get crafty and catch a killer wedding crasher….

Everyone loves a wedding, and with the sister of Beatrice’s beau, Wyatt, about to say “I do,” Beatrice and the Village Quilters are pitching in to help with the nuptial plans. They’re hard at work making everything from wool boutonnieres to a quilt-shaped wedding cake. And all the talk of love and marriage has Beatrice thinking about her own budding romance with Wyatt.

But after she stumbles across the body of the original best man at the end of the reception, Beatrice must stop threading her needle and start collecting clues. She, along with the Village Quilters, will need to turn all their attention to solving a murder before another victim gets cut out.…


Tying the Knot is the 5th installment in Elizabeth Craig’s A Southern Quilting Mystery Series. The characters are even more fun in this one and what a great bunch of characters they are. Beatrice Coleman is stuck searching for answers when a man too close for comfort ends up dead. Beatrice’s boyfriend Wyatt finally introduces his sister Harper since she is getting married very soon and the ladies of the quilting group are helping out. Harper and her fiancé Daniel seem like wonderful people. But as the wedding nears, Beatrice learns the best man has some issues. When he ends up dead at the wedding thinks get knotted and complicated.

Beatrice and her neighbor/friend Meadow search for answers as people they know and like become likely suspects. Daniel, fellow quilter Lyla, Trevor (the deceased)’s wife Eleanor and others quickly become persons of interest in the case. With Meadow’s inside information about the case, her husband Ramsay is the law, the two friends try to get answers and do some light investigating. Beatrice is not a bumbling amateur investigator. She has had some previous success in hunting down the guilty party. She gently questions suspects and has a great method that is endearing and effective.

The characters in this wonderful cozy series are amusing, well developed and come in a wide range of personalities. I am sure everyone gets a huge kick out of Miss Sissy and she is a hoot for sure. Along with the furry characters, huge Boris, corgi Noo-noo, and kitty Smoke, the ladies in this series are interesting and intriguing. Reading this series set in Dappled Hills, North Carolina is like going home. Warm, comfortable, and relaxing. Elizabeth Craig’s writing style is riveting, colorful and her storyline is put together like a well stitched quilt.

If you enjoy quilting, you will love Tying the Knot. If you love cozies, you will love it. And if you enjoy reading a well scripted, fun and enjoyable mystery, with super characters and a pleasant setting, you will want to read this book. Although you can read any in this series as stand along books, I would suggest reading them in order to get a better feel of the characters. Plus they are all really good, so why not. The character interaction and feel of this novel really are amusing. As an added bonus, there are some easy and delicious sounding recipes included.