Ashley Greene Marvels Over Her ‘Twilight Saga’ Rise To Fame Ashley Greene explains how amazed she continues to be over her luck with being part of “The Twilight Saga” franchise. Plus, what’s the latest news on shooting “Breaking Dawn”? Finally, check out Ashley’s gorgeous new look as the brand ambassador for beauty brand, Mark.

My Chemical Romance Wrote Reaction Against ‘Twilight’ My Chemical Romance wrote the song ‘Vampire Money’ as a reaction to the ‘Twilight’ movies, which they declined to record a track for.

The ‘Na Na Na’ rockers were asked to contribute a song for the vampire film franchise’s ‘New Moon’ soundtrack, but frontman Gerard Way said despite being offered huge sums of money, the group refused because they had “moved on”.

He told NME magazine: “That’s why the song ‘Vampire Money’ is on our new album, because there’s a lot of people chasing that money. ‘Twilight?’ A lot of people around us were like, ‘please, for the love of God, do this movie.’ But we’d moved on.”

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Is This Bella’s Zac Posen Designed ‘Breaking Dawn’ Dress? We previously posted ET Online reporting that fashion designer Zac Posen may designing Bella’s wedding dress.  Here is a photo of Zac Posen’s sketch of Bella’s wedding dress from InStyle!

Twilight fans are buzzing about recent reports that Zac Posen will design Bella’s wedding dress for her fairytale wedding to Edward in Breaking Dawn! In the book, Bella’s dress is described as an early 1900s design that “stepped out of an Austen movie,” and Zac previously sketched for us the turn-of-the-century dress he would like to design for Bella, complete with corset, fishnets and lace-up boots.  We can’t wait to see the dress, no matter who ends up designing it!

Kristen Stewart’s Vintage Breaking Dawn Dress Last week fans were absorbed with questions about Bella’s wedding gown after rumors surfaced that Zac Posen would be designing it for Breaking Dawn. But this week all focus has been shifted to the dress Kristen was seen wearing as Bella on the set of Breaking Dawn in Brazil.

InStyle provides this information on the dress:

Over the weekend, the Internet was on fire with images of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson smooching in Rio during filming for the upcoming Twilight film. First: Aw!  Second: Who made that fantastic nude sheath she’s wearing/where can we get it? Unfortunately for us, we talked to Summit Entertainment who confirmed the dress is “one-of-a-kind vintage.”

100 Sexy Men in 1 Minute

Recently posted a video of the sexiest men from Johnny to Alexander where some of the twilight boys were included. Can you spot and name them?

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For some reason I thought that Ashley and Jackson would head over to Brazil too, you know, to film the scenes of them in the jungle when the y find Nahuel, but apparently not. It would have been a good flashback scene of her explaining that to the Volturi and rest. I can’t wait for them to start filming the wedding scene and Bella’s pregnancy, that’ll be really interesting to see.

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What did you think of Bella’s vintage dress in Brazil? Did you like it? One thing a friend pointed out was that in the book it’s blue and here they have changed the dress color, but if Stephanie agreed to it and was there, there’s not much we ca say.

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