Alexander Karsgard VS Joel Kinnaman

Who’s ad is Sexier?

Now that we’ve established that True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgard andThe Killing’s Joel Kinnaman were separated at birth, it’s time to start some sibling rivalry.

The two Swedish babes are both the faces of fall ad campaigns — A. Skars for Calvin Klein fragrance Encounter (pictured right) and J. Kinn for H&M’s menswear (pictured left) — and are looking mighty fine in the recently-released photos.

Both will be featured in print and television advertising…

For Alexander, he was drawn to the campaign through the interesting concept.

“Their idea for their concept was very intriguing to me — it was almost like a short film, and very film noir. It felt interesting to me,” he toldWWD. “I wanted to be involved with something where you tell a story — even though it’s a short story.”

For Joel, it was more about the clothes than the concept….

Whatever the reason for their involvement, we’re just happy to look at two gorgeous men! But on that note, it’s time to make a tough call: Who looks sexier in their ad campaign? (Wetpaint)

First and foremost I have to say that yes these two are both sexy as hell, but they look nothing like twins or brothers at all!

 And, being a huge Alexander fan definitely gives him a leg up in the whose ad is sexier competition for me.  But honestly I think his ad is waaay hotter!!  He just oozes rugged sexiness and I want to rip his clothes off!!  And it doesn’t hurt that I have always loved Calvin Klein fragrances!! Hmmmm wonder if the hubs would like a new cologne for Christmas this year?

As for Kinnaman’s ad?  It looks like any other magazine or high end catalog shot, except for the fact the model is hot!!  So I don’t think his ad is shabby by any means, but comparing CK to H&M is really like the old cliche…comparing apples to oranges….now to decide who is the apple and who is the orange??

Which ad do you think is sexier?  Sound off below!!

~Commentary by OBS reviewer Heidi