If you aren’t able to get your Twilight fix online, US Magazine are hard at work for you. The magazine is putting together a new book all about the Twilight Saga that will be out shortly before November.

The new book will feature lots of good stuff for eager fans. There will be photos of the stars. there will be a New Moonplot summary (in case you didn’t read the book), feature sections about the stars. For instance, there will be an “A to Z of Robert Pattinson” and “what the stars were like in high school.” It may even cover such hot topics as the love lives of the cast, which means they will post whatever they can about the alleged love affair between Pattinson and Stewart!

The book will be available at Barnes and Noble bookstores as well as in select supermarkets. It will retail for about $10.

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Twilight is going to put me in the poor house! Here’s yet another thing that I’m going to have to buy. And of course its $10 dollars. 😛 Geez what’s a girl to do? I bet it’s going to be a magazine, even though they’re saying it’s a book. Oh and can’t they leave the poor stars alone. If Rob and Kristen are going out soo freaking what! Does it have to be plastered all over?

Are you going to get this “book”? Are you tired of hearing about the secret love affair?