Robert Pattinson Is Bothered By the World Cup

Jimmy Fallon recently featured a new installment of his “Robert Is Bothered” sketches.  In the latest video, Robert is bothered by the World Cup.

Twilight Cast on Jimmy Kimmel’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart”

Jimmy Kimmel’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart” special aired last night with most of the cast in attendance, fan questions, a special screening of film for fans, and a parody featuring the cast of “Jersey Shore”.

The show included stories from the set and Jimmy making fun of the anatomically incorrect Jacob and Edward action figures.  Robert also shared a little secret about the CGI wolves and what the MPAA censors wouldn’t allow them to have.  In addition to all of the eye candy on the screen, the special also included an exclusive clip from the film.

If you missed it and didn’t record it, you can watch the full episode online here.

Exclusive Clip

“Friggin’ Twilight” Parody

Ashley Greene On “Jimmy Kimmel Live”

After the primetime Twilight special aired last night, Ashley Greene made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night show.  During the interview, she talks about crashing a website by posting a picture of Rob’s autograph and some of the fan mail that she receives, including the owner’s manual for a car that a fan wants signed and returned to him.   They also discuss the “war” between Harry Potter fans and Twilight fans.

Ashley Interview Part 1

Ashley Interview Part 2

Melissa Rosenberg Is “Deep In the Middle” of the “Breaking Dawn” Script

from MTV:

“I’m deep in the middle of it,” Rosenberg said of her progress on a script. “I’ve been working on it for several months now and it’s a bear, but it’s exciting.”

Rosenberg, who has written the screenplays for all three “Twilight” films, also revealed that the “Dawn” adaptation is proving particularly challenging because of the sheer number of characters and the dense mythology behind it all.

“One of the biggest challenges, it’s really true with all the novels, but probably more so with this one, is it’s really thick with mythology, there are a lot of characters,” she said. “The characters expand with the arrival of Carlisle’s friends. It’s really about who do you pull forward, where do you focus?”

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Mormon Imagery Runs Deep In “Twilight”

from The Salt Lake Tribune:

As the film’s “Twi-hard” fans get ready for the third “Twilight” installment, “Eclipse,” to open in theaters Wednesday, few are likely to recognize the religious references in the film based on the novels by Stephenie Meyer, herself a Mormon.

“People make up all these Mormon references just so they can publish ‘Twilight’ articles in respectable publications like The New York Times,” actor Robert Pattinson (Edward, the film’s central vampire character), told Entertainment Weekly . “Even Stephenie said it doesn’t mean any of that.”

It’s possible that Meyer never set out to weave LDS imagery into the ‘Twilight’ background. Yet intentional or otherwise, it’s hard to ignore:

• The story’s teenage heroine, Bella, avoids coffee, tea, alcohol and tobacco — not unlike the Mormons’ “Word of Wisdom” health code. Bella also advises her father to “cut back on steak,” much like the LDS teaching to eat meat and poultry “sparingly.”

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Taylor Lautner Talks About Carrying Kristen Stewart During Filming

from Entertainment and Showbiz: 

Taylor Lautner who plays a second fiddle to the striking Robert Pattinson in the Twilight Saga has uttered his tale of ordeal of carrying the slender beauty Kristen Stewart during the shooting of the third Twilight instalment “Eclipse”.

The werewolf who roams under the name of Jacob Black has finally decided to outdo the vampire portrayed by Rob, the heartthrob of the millions. The scene which demanded the actor to carry the vampire’s lady love Bella in his arms left him panting for breath as the scene was shot from different angles.

Lautner had asked the producers to drop the idea of attaching a harness with him and in an urge to show his muscular power, had taken on to lifting the stunning actress on his own.

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Did you watch the Jimmy Kimmel special?  I thought that Rob telling about the censors not permitting genitalia on the CGI wolves was absolutely hilarious!  I just about fell off of the couch watching the “Friggin’ Twilight” spoof.

What do you think of the assertion of Mormon imagery in the Twilight books?  Personally, I’m of the camp that Stephenie Meyer didn’t do anything deliberately to push any religion in particular but it’s hard to not write about what you know.  I don’t know that I buy into the belief that Bella avoids caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco for the reasons claimed in the article.  How about because she’s responsible and the daughter of a police chief for one good reason?   The cooking and housekeeping comes into play because her mother was irresponsible and if she didn’t do it, it wouldn’t get done.  I see these things as just plain ol’ common sense and practical, much like Bella’s character.

What do you think of this installment of Twilight Saga news?  Join us in the forum to discuss.  We’d love to hear from you!