It was a busy day in the Twilight world and we have another round of Twilight stories for you!

Official High-Quality Remember Me Poster Released

Robert Pattinson Makes Comic Book Fame


After hitting Comic Con last year to promote New Moon, Robert Pattinson will now have a legitimate Twilight reason to be there under the umbrella of comic Pattinson goodness. Although Robert Pattinson of Twilight andNew Moon plays a literary character from the pages of the Stephenie Meyer penned Twilight Saga series, now Robert Pattinson will be featured in a new comic book line called Fame, as himself.

According to Entertainmentwise, Robert Pattinson will be featured in the new comic book line, Fame, from American publisher Bluewater Productions. The Fame comic series aims to focus on today’s pop culture icons and Twilight andNew Moon star Robert Pattinson is the perfect fit given his massive Twilight Saga fame.


Twilight Puts Italian Town of Volterra in the Spotlight

Volterra's Piazza dei Priori


A growing number of tourists are flocking to the Italian town of Volterra—not so much for its Etruscan walls or fine alabaster—but to take a walking tour that traces the footsteps of Edward and Bella, the star-crossed vampire and his teenage love, protagonists in Stephenie Meyer’s hugely popular “Twilight” series.

The Tuscan town features prominently in New Moon (Little, Brown), the second installment in the series, because it’s home to the Volturi, a coven of powerful and ancient vampires. And although the producers of New Moon the film chose to shoot scenes in the southern Tuscan town of Montepulciano instead, diehard “Twilight” fans around the globe are still making pilgrimages to Volterra to visit the Piazza dei Priori, the town’s square, anchored by a clock tower where the Volturi reside, as well as other landmarks from the books.


I love the movie poster! It’s awesome for an image of Rob to be out there other than the brooding vampire.  Don’t get me wrong…I love that brooding vampire but I like that people will be able to see that he’s capable of other emotions.

I would love to be able to travel to Volterra and take their tour.  Heck, I’d be happy to go anywhere in Italy!!!

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