Kristen Stewart on Jay Leno Show

Breaking Dawn starts filming in a couple of weeks, but Kristen Stewart aka Bella Swan still has some time to appear in a few shows before she heads to Louisiana . Yesterday she appeared in the Jay Leno show to promote her new movie Welcome to the Rileys, were she also talked about Halloween costumes.

Chaske Spencer on ‘Breaking Dawn’ Set: “There Are Some Hot Girls in Vancouver” OK! caught up with the Twilight werewolf star, Chaske, at the Swatch New Gents Launch in NYC at Gansevoort Hotel on Wednesday.

The Twilight team is gearing up to start filming again and according to Chaske, the boys have a lot to look forward to!

“Having lunch with the guys I like the workouts and after you do the workouts we all go to lunch, Chaske told OK! were some of the boys’ traditions on set.

“We were always at Cactus Club,” Chaske revealed to OK! on where they like to lunch.

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That’s so cute that Kristen dressed up as Dracula. Can we take it as a sign? 🙂 I’m sure lots of us have dressed as vampires or witches for Halloween. I was more of a corpse bride, but not the Tim Burton kind, not blue. Welcome to the Rileys does seem like a good movie to watch, can’t wait for that one to come out. What did you think of her interview?

What did you think of Chaske’s revelations? 😉

What did you think of the behind the scenes new video for eclipse? Join us in the discussion!