Nikki Reed Calls Rosalie And Jacob’s ‘Breaking Dawn’ Scenes ‘Unique’ Hot off the not-so-surprising news made by “Twilight” godmother Stephenie Meyer—Mackenzie Foy will play Renesmee—we have more “Breaking Dawn” dish. Courtesy of MTV’s “The Seven,” who recently caught up with Nikki Reed at a NYC event, the actress teased that she’s finally received the script, and that her scenes with a certain hot-blooded co-star are quite “entertaining.”

Nikki Reed taking classes on ‘Twilight’ set Nikki Reed has revealed that she will be taking classes while she shoots The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.

“I’m going to school actually while we’re shooting,” she said. “I’m taking a couple of courses. I’m talking five, but I was just told that two are unavailable so I’m waiting to see.

“I’m taking a language course, I’m taking a writing course, I’m really trying to take a Greek mythology course and a psychology course. There’s so many prerequisites for this psychology.”

OMG, there’s a Robert Pattinson Twilight ‘Edmund’ character in The Simpsons! WE’RE starting to feel like we’re getting significant withdrawal symptoms from Robert Pattinson following all the Twilight Saga: Eclipse excitement.

But luckily for us, The Simpsons – and Daniel Radcliffe, randomly – have come to the rescue by creating their very own Robert Pattinson-inspired Twilight character.

‘Edmund’ the vampire will fall head-over-heels in love with Lisa Simpson in the upcoming Halloween episode, Tweenlight.

Unfortunately, it looks like R-Pattz wasn’t around to do the voice for Edmund, so Daniel Radcliffe has signed up instead.

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Welcome to the Rileys Movie Poster Featuring Kristen Stewart Check out the latest teaser poster featuring Kristen Stewart in the upcoming film “Welcome to the Rileys” by director Jake Scott (Tooth Fairy) and starring Kristen Stewart.

Synopsis: Doug Riley and his wife Lois have been living a half life since their daughter Emily was killed eight years ago. Doug has coped by having an affair with Vivian, a waitress. Lois has struggled, harbouring a secret and devastating sense of guilt for her daughters death. She has withdrawn into herself and hides away from the outside world, relying on hairdressers who make house calls, her sister, Harriet, and the local pastor.

This is so exciting! Filming starts really soon and I can’t wait to see them all vamped up. There’s still more cast members to be confirmed but we already have the Denali Clan and Renesmee for the first part, although they haven’t said if they’ll use a younger kid for baby Nessie. What do you think of what Nikki said about the script? What do you think of her taking classes while filming?

Edmund looks so cute and just like Rob as Edward 😀 I wonder what will happen to his character, can’t wait to see the Simpsons! What did you think of Edmund? What do you think of Daniel being his voice?

What do you think of the twilight contact lenses? Will you be wearing them this Halloween?

What do you think of Welcome to the Rileys? Will you be seeing it? I sure would like to see it, it looks like a good movie 🙂

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