MEYERS ENTHUSIASM FOR TWILIGHT DIMS With sales of more than 70m copies she is the queen of teen vampire romance, but Twilight author Stephenie Meyer has announced that she’s “a little burned out on vampires”.

Asked on the Oprah Winfrey show if she’d consider writing another book in the Twilight quartet, Meyer said that she had no immediate plans to return to the story of human teenager Bella and her vampire love interest Edward. “I think I need a little break,” she said. “I’ve got to cleanse the palate … I’m a little burned out on vampires right now.”

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DANIEL CUDMORE AND CHARLIE BEWLEY INTERVIEWS If you could interview a vampire, what would you ask him?

The Seattle Times put that question to readers when we were first offered an in-person chat with actors Charlie Bewley and Daniel Cudmore, who play vampires Demetri and Felix in “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” (opening here late Thursday night). Armed with a list of questions from readers, we met Bewley and Cudmore at a downtown Seattle hotel last Thursday and conducted a video interview.

Question from Brian Holland: Who wins in a fight, Demetri or Felix?

Bewley: I’ve not heard that question before.

Cudmore: Let’s just say we’d probably be worse for wear after that one. … I see it as a humongous fight that would go and go and go to the point where they’re both lying on the ground breathing like … [he pants] … “OK, you think we should go again? All right let’s go.” And it just continues and doesn’t ever really end.

Bewley: His superpower is his intense strength … mine is tracking. And with tracking comes speed. … [turning to Cudmore] I think you’d beat the crap out of me, but then in a 100-meter sprint …

Cudmore: You’d win.

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LAUTNER ON LENO If you’re a Team Jacob member (or even if you’re not), you should definitely check out Taylor Lautner on “Jay Leno.” He’s so cute, we could just… ruffle his hair and give him a lifesaver, as he is only 17 years old. Lautner starts off by relaying a story to Jay about the fans. If you think teenage girls are crazy, apparently you should see their mothers.

“One of the most shocking [fan encounters]… we were at an autograph signing, I think it was in Denver. There was a mother in her-mid 40s and a teenage daughter and the mother is like shaking, doing this dance, getting all ready and the daughter is just, like, chilling. The mother gets up there and goes, ‘Excuse me, Taylor. I’m wearing the Team Taylor panties right now, is there any way I can take them off and have you sign them?’ [laughs] …Our ‘Twilight” moms are passionate.” Luckily, security assured the mom that she would NOT be taking off her panties.

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WEITZ SPILLS SUPERNATUAL SECRETS ‘The Twilight Saga: New Moon’ director Chris Weitz sits down with ET to tell all about his experience making the film, and also shed light on a bond between Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson.

He tells ET that after Stewart and Pattinson’s fame exploded following 2008’s ‘Twilight,’ they perhaps understand each other. “I think that they’re the only two who know what it’s like to go through what they’re going through as people right now, to be at the receiving end of that much attention,” he says, continuing, “And their characters in the movie are the only two who know what’s going on, the rest of the world is kind of unaware of this forbidden romance between human and a vampire, so I suppose there’s kind of an analogy there, where there’s a conspiracy, you know, going on.”

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www.latimesblogs.latimes.comTaylor Lautner talks about what the werewolves bring to “New Moon.”  In a word, action!

Not to mention great abs…

“The bar was set high last year,” he admits of this year’s frenzy. But he thinks this year’s LA premiere surpassed even their expectations.

Why are people so fascinated with this “Twilight Saga” series? 

“They love the books, they love the characters,” he explains. 

And the great abs.


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NEW MOON PREMIER WACKINESS Last night’s Los Angeles premiere of The Twilight Saga: New Moon brought out the film’s stars and the devoted fans, the latter holding signs that ranged from the comically desperate (“Team Whatever I Can Get”), to the sexual and age-inappropriate (“Jacob Black: I’d hit that with a Volvo”), to the self-aware (“Don’t judge me,” “Don’t stalk the Pattinson”). While Taylor Lautner skipped the print press line, Stewart and Pattinson, the latter of whom had no idea that Twihards had camped out in Westwood for four days to catch a glimpse of him, did their duty. “

You can’t prepare for this,” Pattinson told us, unshaven in Gucci. “It is just insane. I don’t know how the Beatles felt but I imagine it was perhaps close to this. I think very few human beings will ever get to experience the same feelings and love we feel at Twilight events.” Stewart, who kept a safe distance from Pattinson on the red carpet in her Oscar de la Renta, said this is the night she works for: “The only reason you make movies is for people to see them and hopefully love them. I feel like doing interviews tonight at this is just boring. I would rather spend the time hanging out with the fans because I have done a hundred million interviews and they all know what I have to say.” (The film’s stars did spend time with the fans signing autographs.

Kellan Lutz, who plays Emmett, went and collected his superfan, who apparently follows him everywhere and wears a shirt that says “Nutz for Lutz,” gave her a ticket, and walked her in past all the cameras. It was actually quite sweet.)

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THE VAMPS CAME OUT LAST NIGHT Teen, tweens, and teeny-boppers are not alone in their enjoyment of the ‘Twilight’ series. Stars such as Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jamie Kennedy, Joan Jett, Richie Sambora, and the newly single Julianne Hough twinkled on the red carpet as well. Julianne revealed her favorite character: “I don’t know any girl that hasn’t read the books that doesn’t dream about Edward.”


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