IS BELLA A FEMINISTS NIGHTMARE? Plenty of vampire-werewolf angst will be hitting the big screen later this month when The Twilight Saga: New Moon debuts in theaters across the country. The stories, penned by author Stephenie Meyer, have resonated with teen girls everywhere who affectionately call themselves, Twihards. This article is written from the perspective of someone who wasn’t familiar with the books, but decided to give the film a chance, and was thoroughly turned off by everything it had to offer.

The protagonist Bella Swan, isn’t a positive representation of what any young girl should aspire to be. She has no identity of her own and is under the constant influence of the male figures in her life. That type of nonchalant attitude towards her manipulation isn’t something that should be projected, especially to women in her age group who are starting to date for the first time.

Here’s the problem with Twilight

Bella Constantly Needs a Male Figure in Her Life. First Bella lives with her dad, then she becomes immediately infatuated with Edward and from then on, the vampire occupies her thoughts. In New Moon when he takes a leave of absence what’s a girl to do? Find something in them self? NO! Find another man!  Enter Jacob, another troubled male figure who helps her cope with her loss and then leaves her hanging. Whatever happened to sitting down and having some me time?

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PATTINSON & STEWART PHOTOGRAPHED HOLDING HANDS IN PARIS! As “Twilight: New Moon” is coming near, many fans wonder, is Edward and Bella’s on-screen romance, also true to an off-screen romance? Again, no real confirmation about the two sexy co-stars, however, a picture does say a thousand words, right?!

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart who are promoting their highly anticipated film in Paris, along with sexy werewolf Taylor Lautner, seem to be hand in hand, and enjoying their time together.

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MELISSA ROSENBERG: “THEY’RE KOSHER VAMPIRES” Melissa Rosenberg, the screenwriter of “The Twilight Saga,” is 6 feet tall with straight blonde hair, a pale complexion and a long, slim nose. Not exactly the most ethnic mien imaginable.

“I don’t look particularly Jewish,” she says sheepishly, half wondering why she’s on a lunch date with The Jewish Journal. “But I have a very Jewish name.”

Bloodlust, vampirism and ambiguous morality could be seen as decidedly un-Jewish. After all, vampire mythology, as Rabbi David Wolpe notes (see accompanying article), is philosophically at odds with Jewish values. And if you ask Rosenberg, “The Twilight Saga” in particular is a departure from religion-based vampire lore and instead is an exercise in secular storytelling.

“Vampires aren’t very Jewish,” Rosenberg says. “The most basic thing about them is that they are born out of Christian mythology.” Nevertheless, she is quick to point out that Meyer, a devout Mormon, has created her own vampire mythology, devoid of religious connotation, absent the Christian symbolism of crosses and holy water.

And yet, the protagonist vampires of “Twilight” are different in another way from other vampires.

“They’re kosher vampires,” Rosenberg says, laughing.

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VOLVO GOES AFTER THE TWEEN VAMPIRE DEMOGRAPHIC Paying for product placement for big-screen movies can be a pretty risky business. If the movie is a flop, doing so could be a big-time waste of ad dollars that could have been better spent elsewhere. But if the movie turns out to be a global blockbuster, it can look like a very wise move, indeed. Volvo struck such gold with the first Twilight movie, as millions of teens saw Edward Cullen (played by Robert Pattinson) prancing around town in his silver C30. And the safety-minded Swedish automaker is looking for lightning to strike twice by getting its products noticed in Twilight sequel New Moon.

Cullen is a little older and a bit wiser in the sequel, so he appears to be stepping up from the C30 to the family-friendly XC60, although both models feature in the film. If you’re thinking a crossover isn’t exactly cool for the typical 17 year-old, try to remember that Cullen is over 100 in human years. Volvo’s newest crossover makes perfect sense given the fact that it’s the Swedish automaker’s newest and freshest product, but we’re having a bit of trouble trying to understand pushing a Volvo crossover in a vampire flick that gears towards teenage movie-goers.

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GIVE BLOOD, GET NEW MOON TICKETS! Are you a big fan of Stephanie Meyer’s vampire saga, Twilight? Enough of a fan to give blood?

A Redlands, California hospital is using the popularity of the new Twilight movie to stock their bloodbank. LifeStream will park donor vans and tents across the street from a movie theatre on opening day of New Moon.
Fans who give blood will get a free T-shirt, plus free tickets to see the movie, or any other movie. 

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CHARLIE BEWLEY TALKS GIRLS AND RPATTZ MOST actors find fame AFTER starring in a blockbuster movie. But Charlie Bewley is already a household name, and he hasn’t even been on the big screen yet. The gorgeous Brit won the role of vicious Volturi vampire Demetri in The Twilight Saga: New Moon – and despite the fact that it hasn’t been released yet, he’s already being chased by screaming fans.

How was the Eclipse wrap party?

I was in Rome so I didn’t go. It was at the Aquarium in Vancouver and it looked like a lot of fun, but you know, they’re a boring lot that Twilight gang so I doubt much happened! [laughs]

Would you ever date a fan?

Of course, I never say no to anything so who knows!

How do you think Robert, Kristen and Taylor are dealing with the fame?

I think they’re dealing with it really well. I mean, this has never really happened to anyone before. What’s happened to Rob is unprecedented, Taylor’s not far behind and Kristen has been in the industry long enough to really [know it]. I saw Rob recently and he seems to be doing just fine and Taylor’s just having a great time. They obviously have a lot to do in the next year and it’s a crazy life for them. They’re just taking it day-by-day.

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NEW MOON MALL TOUR WITH EDI GATHEGI & JAMIE CAMPBELL BOWER @ MALL OF AMERICA If there was one thing “New Moon” fans found out last night at the latest mall tour stop, it was that Jamie Campbell Bower and Edi Gathegi have nothing to hide. Edi admitted he’s never seen “Titanic.” Jamie has never eaten a Pop-Tart. Edi’s Kelly voice really does sound feminine. And Jamie’s favorite “New Moon” scene happens to be one of the more emotional moments—when Edward leaves Bella. “It’s incredibly heart wrenching, and a beautiful scene,” he said.

During story time with Edi, Edi recounted to Jamie the story of his “Kelly” voice, which he would use multiple times over the next 20 or so minutes (“Team Edward! Omigod!”). Jamie didn’t offer any hint of his own “Kelly” voice, but joked that his first audition tape was for a very important female role: “I have played Bella Swan. That’s my original audition tape and it will never see the light of day.” (Edi, very seriously, said he would choose to play James if he could be another character, “just because he’s all the way bad, and it’s fun and liberating to be bad.”)

Both Edi and Jamie agreed that they’d choose to be vampires over werewolves (of course!), but Jamie’s reasoning was oddly practical. “You’d lose your clothes when you transformed every time [into a werewolf],” Jamie said. “You’d have to buy a new wardrobe every day.”

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So, what do you think of todays Twilight Saga news?