AN INTERVIEW WITH CHRIS WEITZ Q: I’m wondering if either you or your brother has ever tried to get your mother (Susan Kohner) to make a cameo in any of your films? She would have been perfect as the grandmother in the first scene of this movie.

CW:  How fun. I think it would have been difficult for me to say, “Mom, we’d like you to play a woman who is so old she horrifies Bella when she recognizes herself in the mirror.”  Well, I’m glad that people still remember my mom. For all who don’t know who she is, she was nominated as Best Supporting Actress for Imitation of Life. And I think she’s put movies behind her for good, and now she just raises me and my brother.

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AN INTERVIEW WITH THE WOLF PACK Q: How did you all make your abs look so great? Was there a wolf boot camp for this?

Chaske: No, they made us work out. It was an hour of training. They got us a trainer. It was a guy who helped out on 300. They threw us into the training for maybe an hour and 10 minutes, and it was a lot of circuit training and muscle confusion. We also ate a lot. We ate six meals a day, three protein shakes a day.

Alex: And, thanks to Chaske, we also ate a lot of apple pie.

Chaske: Yeah, I was a bad influence.

Bronson: We did strength training, conditioning, weight training and lots of cardio. It was pretty intense.

Alex: It was definitely crucial to the bonding, too. That’s really what helped out with building the chemistry on set, and even during filming. I think it really helped out a lot. We had a blast. We supported each other. We even made fun of each other, like who could do the most push-ups, or whatever. It really helped out with our characterizations.

Chaske: I think you can see the chemistry on the screen. We all get along, and that’s really cool and surprising because, in some films, you just don’t get along with the other people. But, this time around, they picked the right people.

Bronson: We’re definitely like a band of brothers, that’s for sure.

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TWILIGHT SENDS HARRY POTTER TO THE GRAVE The popularity of supernatural bloodsuckers has eclipsed old favourite Harry Potter, with children eagerly awaiting the release next Thursday of the second movie in the wildly successful Twilight series, New Moon.

A survey of 2692 Australians aged 12-18 found 55 per cent said they would prefer to read a Twilight book rather than one about Hogwarts’ wiz kid. Half said they would rather watch a Twilight film over a Potter movie.

Only 15 per cent of the teens said they had not devoured a book or film from the vampire franchise by author Stephanie Myer, the survey by teen online virtual world Habbo revealed.

More than a quarter of the most passionate fans said they had watched the first Twilight flick on DVD or read the book more than 10 times.

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CHRISTIAN SERRATOS BARES IT ALL FOR PETA Nineteen-year-old Serratos plays Angela Weber in the “Twilight” franchise, a friend of Bella’s who is familiar with all things undead and furry. In real life, she has joined the campaign against fur, posing for a PETA ad. The ad shows her in a spooky, foggy forest wearing, well, nothing.

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THE SAGA MAY RETURN TO PORTLAND FOR BREAKING DAWN Summit Entertainment has yet to reveal official information about filming plans for the movie adaptation of Breaking Dawn, the fourth and final novel in Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga. But franchise star Robert Pattinson is slowly dropping hints about plans for the movie — and his latest nuggett of information includes thoughts about production returning to Portland.

In a recent interview with MTV, Pattinson said, “I’ve heard that we’re going to shoot it [Breaking Dawn] in Portland.”

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