‘Breaking Dawn’ Brazil filming set pictures and videos


A number of videos of Kristen and Robert filming the honeymoon scenes of the first part of Breaking Dawn have been popping around everywhere. We see Bella and Edward on the streets of Rio, on the Cullen boat, hugging and kissing and much much more!

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Isle Esme finally shown!

It’s been finally confirmed the location of the famous Isle Esme mentioned in Breaking Dawn. It’s a vacation house in Paraty, Rio de Janeiro and it has already been secured for filming. Robert, Kristen, Stephenie, director and the rest of the crew have already been spotted heading towards to Paraty.

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Andrea Powell portraying ‘Sasha’ in ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn’ With the many casting announcements that have come down in recent months, it might’ve seemed as though there weren’t any more roles to fill (other than, of course, extras) with The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, but it seems that there was at least one.

Andrea Powell, who currently stars in The Gates, posted the following messages on her Facebook page:

looks like I’ll be making an appearance in the next #Twilight movie…and that my loyalties are now divided.

No word yet on whether or not I sparkle. At the VERY least I’m hoping for some really cool eyes. 🙂

I’ll be playing Sasha, “mother” of Tanya, Kate & Irina.

Wow, after all this time we finally have Breaking Dawn pictures, even though it’s not a whole scene it’s still amazing and too cute! Although I’m still wondering what are they doing on the street at night, if I remember well they took a taxi from the airport to the boat, but maybe they’ll add an extra something. It’s fun seeing Rob handling the boat and Kristen guiding him, weird how they didn’t let him drive the Volvo in Twilight but they are letting drive the boat 😉

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