2010 Movie Awards: Most Talked-About Moments

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The Twilight Saga: New Moon ruled the MTV Movie Awards 2010 last night taking home all the Golden Popcorns for every nomination they were in and one of the most talked moments was Robert and Kristen’s Best Kiss win two years in a row now.

Peter Facinelli’s  F-Bomb

Peter couldn’t stay behind after all those F-Bomds dropped last night at 2010 the MTV Movie Awards and when it came time for The Cullen Dad to give the acceptance speech for Best Movie a few F’s were missed by the bleep censors. But Peter is such a good guy that he tweeted his “Oops” right after that.

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How Kristen Stewart Won (And Lost) Her Movie Awards Golden Popcorn

During last year’s MTV Movie Awards, viewers gasped as “Twilight” star Kristen Stewart dropped — and broke! — her Golden Popcorn statue after accepting the award for Best Female Performance. It was an awkward yet endearing (and very Bella-like) moment, and it turned out to be one that KStew truly wanted to cherish forever.

Fast-forward a week and half, when Stewart received her new, engraved Golden Popcorn. “I got a phone call from her mother, and her mother said, ‘Kristen would like to have the popcorn that she dropped as her award,’ ” said Dela Rosa. “Unfortunately, we didn’t mark it, so I couldn’t give it to them. They were heartbroken. I felt so bad. She literally was like, ‘You really can’t find it? You really don’t know which one?’ I actually considered dropping one and then re-gluing it with some Krazy Glue to make it look crazy.”

‘Twilight’ stars Jackson Rathbone and Anna Kendrick promote their other movies on the red carpet

They both might’ve joined their The Twilight Saga: New Moon co-stars on the stage for the “Best Movie” win at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards (and one might’ve won her own “Breakout” award), but Anna Kendrick and Jackson Rathbone had other business to attend to while on the red carpet for the event as well – promoting their other films.

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I was really happy (beside from New Moon taking all of the awards) that Anna won “Breakout” award. She was against a great competition that you didn’t know what could have happened. That “kiss” between rob and Kristen was funnier that last year, at least she didn’t leave him their with a “what just happened” face 😀 And, WoW, they should let Peter do all the talking from now on in all interviews, events and red carpets. He can definitely makes us laugh. Poor Kristen, she really wanted her broken Popcorn, to bad they lost it, I though that she had kept it. It was her first so she had a soft spot for it, I would to if I had won something for the first time. And those things do look heavy, could knock unconscious some one.

What did you think of last night’s MTV Movie Awards? For a moment there did you think Avatar was going to win Best Movie?

Have you read the Bree Tanner book yet? If so (no spoilers please) what did you think about it?

Will you be entering the Volvo contest?

What do you think of Anna and Jackson’s new movies? Will you be going to see them?